Maurecia is the deuragonist of Wayside and the possible love interest of Todd. She punches Todd to the wall sometimes, but she has a crush on him(which he may or may not reciprocate in future life), is a professional skateboarder and like Todd is the only unwacky person at the school. She has blue hair in a ponytail, a pink helmet, a red shirt adn shoes and a blue skirt. She is voiced by Denise Oliver.

Bio Edit

Despite her personality and masculine-oriented clothes, Maurecia used to be a polite and gentle girly girl with a soft Southern accent until the evil substitute teacher of the 30th floor, Mrs. Gorf turned all of the other students into apples. The wicked woman also turned Maurecia's pet porcupine, Fluffy (who was, at the time, quite literally "fluffy") into a pineapple. Something inside of Maurecia then snapped which caused her to become tough, tomboyish, wheels extreme and self complete with rollerblades and a hot-pink helmet. When Fluffy changed, Maurecia suddenly changed, too. She ordered Mrs. Gorf to turn all of the students and Fluffy back to their original forms and defeated her, causing Mrs. Gorf herself to be transformed into an apple. When the apples were students again, Fluffy had gone from being a pink, fluffy creature into a light green porcupine with extremely sharp quills.

MCF Stories Edit

Maurecia appears in a flashback in "MCF: The Mystery of Raina", when Toast, one of Todd's friends suggested he take her to the concert, but Todd was planning to take Raina who was the popular girl in her day as he had a crush on her, making Maurecia jealous. However when Raina noticed Maurecia sad, she decides to hook Todd and Maurecia up which ended Todd's crush on her as Raina also kept an oath to find her true love by high school, who later became her boyfriend Cedric Diggory.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: The Mystery of Raina(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • In MCF: The Mystery of Raina, she and Todd knew Raia since she was 11 when they were in middle school and in the flashback. Now that Raina is grown up to a teenager which means that both of them are also grown up in the present.
    • She was also jealous of Raina at first, but later becomes her friend because Raina actually wanted Todd and Maurecia to be together to get Todd off her back and because of her oath to find a boy(Cedric Diggory) by her high school.
  • Maurecia took off her helmet in "Todd Falls in Love"
  • In the books, it is said that she can beat up any boy in her class, though in the show she had never beaten up anybody. In fact the only boy she ever beaten up is Todd. This maybe a reference to the last line of her book chapter when it said that every once in a while she would try to a bite out of Todd arm in order to get out that very special flavor
  • In the original books, Maurecia pretends to hate Todd to hide her true feelings for him.
  • In Pilot, Maurecia's hair, instead of purple, is pink.
  • Maurecia started to have a crush on Todd when she saved Todd from a falling object in Pilot and accidently touched noses, much to Todd's embarrassment.
  • In the show, she has a porcupine named Fluffy and in books, Strawberry - the cat.
  • Maurecia is voiced by Denise Oliver who also voiced Kitty Ko from the TV show called Sidekick, Hazel from the TV show, My Friend Rabbit,Yu from Beyblade Metal Fusion and Mina Beff from Grojband.
  • Out of all the students, oddly, despite being a typicial tomboy, Maurecia has the most crying-fits throughout the series (other than Myron).
    • Maurecia cried when she couldn't punch Todd (Blocked by kindergarten kids) and worries that Todd is unknown to her affections.
    • Maurecia cried when Todd hypnotically fell in love with Mrs Jewls.
    • Maurecia cried when she thought Todd "broke up" with her (even though they weren't together yet).
    • She wailed and hugged Dana hard when she lost Fluffy.
    • Maurecia cried when Fluffy ran away.
  • In the honor`s class she cried because she wants to be in Mrs. Jewel`s class again with her friends.
  • In 'Meet the Pets' when Maurecia captured the duck with her foot, a close up shows she has 5 toes,then when she came down it was four. Also it seems she had a hole in her sock. Either she wears it like that or she ripped it herself since both hands were being used.
  • Maurecia had a Southern accent before Mrs. Gorf made her turn into a tomboy.
  • Despite her appearance and personality, Maurecia proved to be very intelligent when she was chosen for the Honors Class.
  • As of the books, she likes ice cream, and Todd-flavored ice cream.