Matt flynn fletcher by pixargirl

Matt Flynn Fletcher is the biological son of Linda Flynn Fletcher and the stepson of Lawrence Fletcher. He is also the older brother of Phineas and Ferb and twin brother of Candace Flynn. He made his first MCF appearance in a cameo role in MCF: The Mystery of the Voice and has made frequent appearances in MCF stories. He is set to make a full appearance in the AU MCF: Star Wars as well as MCF: Tricia's Babysitting Adventure.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has orange hair and blue eyes normal attire usually  consists of a blue cap, yellow long-sleeved shirt, red jacket, blue jeans and tan sneakers. While for his winter wear red jacket becomes red winter coat, blue cap becomes blue winter hat, tan sneakers become tan boots, and yellow gloves can be seen on hands.


Matt is witty, imaginative, humorus and energetic, unlike his sister he doesn't want to bust his brothers for their inventions rather he helps them with their inventions.


On that day Linda and Lawrence Flynn-Fletcher gave birth to Candace, little did the parents know another baby would be coming out before Candace. The result--a bright young man named Matt, who would become Candace's twin brother. A few months later, Matt's brothers Phineas and Ferb were born, and when they were four or five, they met their pet platypus Perry (they were originally gonna call him Bartholemew).

Soon, as Matt and his siblings grew, they had quite some adventures. And even though Candace always tries to bust Phineas and Ferb for what they do, Matt consoles her and says "Hey, boys will be boys."

For some time, Matt has been chasing after a girl named Raina, who was already dating a boy named Cedric Diggory. But during the summer of 2012, Matt was chosen to play Marius in a production of Les Miserables, and found romance with the girl who played Cosette, a girl named Merida.

MCF StoriesEdit

In MCF stories he originally fell for Raina until the events of MCF: The Mystery of the Voice where he started to fell for Merida instead eventually becoming his girlfriend despite Merida originally not wanting to be with someone.

MCF AppearancesEdit

  • MCF: The Mystery of the Voice (Debut) (Silent Cameo)
  • MCF and the Princess Mystery (Cameo)
  • MCF: Star Wars
  • MCF: Tricia's Babysitting Adventure (Return)
  • MCF: Cloud Atlas (Return)


  • He is one of the few male allies of the MCF that isn't any of there boyfriends or part of any of their teams and is instead just good friend.
  • He could've technically be consider as a suitor to Raina, but had moved on from her after falling for Merida.
  • Matt is one of only four human members of OWCA and the youngest of them.
    • However, he doesn't give his real identity as to not have his memory erase and thus disguises himself with a black wig and name Miles.

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