Matron Mama Morton

Matron Mama Morton is the secondary triagonist of the movie/musical Chicago. She is the matron of the Cook County Jail who treats her prisoners as if they were her children, though she does have a greedy streak to her, she's caring. She has dark skin, dark brown hair and wears a dark grey suit; she's portrayed by Queen Latifah.

Bio Edit

Matron Mama Morton is one of the people working at the Cook County Jail. She treats her clients well and becomes a mother figure to both Velma and Roxie. She is also the one who suggested Billy Flynn to be Roxie's lawyer and even goes by her trend once she's famous. She then joins Velma in her rant for class. She is then not seen again in the movie.

MCF Stories Edit

Matron Mama Morton appears as one of the workers at Cartoon Town Asylum to keep the villains in line along with the Warden.She's very trusting of the Mystery Case FIles, but has to put up with Jacques Clouseau, Raina's adoptive father's clumsy antics.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: I'm Feeling Under the Bella(debut)
  • MCF: Life on the Magic Fast Lane
  • MCF: Bella's Family Secret

Trivia Edit

  • On the Broadway show, her actress was Roz Ryan who later became Bubbie in Flapjack and one of the Muses in Hercules.
  • In the movie, her actress was Queen Latifah in her first musical; she later played Maybelle Stubbs in Hairspray.

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