Shifu's look in Kung Fu Panda 2

Master Shifu is a character from "Kung Fu Panda" and "Kung Fu Panda 2". He is the sensei of the Furious Five and Po the Dragon Warrior, as well as Tai Lung and Tigress's adopted father. He is impatient, but gentle nevertheless. He is a red panda wearing a orange robe, then a green sash. He is voiced by Dustin Hoffman.


In the first movie, he is about to train the Furious Five when he gets the message that Master Oogway wants to see him. Oogway tells him that Tai Lung will return and that it's time for the Dragon Warrior to come and take a stand. He orders his servant Zeng to send a message to Commander Vachir at Shun Gong Prison to double the guards and everything to make sure Tai Lung doesn't escape. He makes a contest for one of the Furious Five to be the Dragon Warrior, but Po, unexpectantly fell down and Oogway pointed at him to be the Dragon Warrior. He is disappointed, but attempts to make Po quit by punching the dummy and making a fool of himself in the training room. He thinks he succeeds until he ses Po training and each of the Furious Five challenge him. Later on, Po learns from Tigress that the reason why Shifu was bitter and why Tai Lung is in prison: Shifu adopted Tai Lung as a cub and raised him as his son. Tai Lung wanted to prove greateness and be teh Dragon Warrior, but Oogway who saw darkness in his heart, refused. Outraged, Tai Lung went on a rampage and almost killed his adoptive father, who couldn't bring himself to destroy the thing he created. Shifu is now seen medatating when he hears the news of Tai Lung's escape and tells Master Oogway that Tai Lung has escaped. Shifu goes to Oogway and Oogway tells him about the DRagon Warrior. Shifu disbelieves of the fact that a fat klutz such as Po could be the Dragon Warrior, but Oogway tells him that he must believe before he dies and goes on to nirvana. Shifu goes back and announces that Po will fight Tai Lung, but Po runs off. Shifu runs down and catches up to Po before they have an argument. The next day, Shifu discovers that the way to train Po is through food which he succeeds. On the day he gives the scroll, he notices the Furious FIve hurt from their encounter with Tai Lung. He gives Po the scroll, but Po finds out it's blank much to Shifu's horror. Po runs off, while Shifu goes to face his adoptive son alone. Just as the batle is struck, Shifu was knocked unconcious as if close to dying. After Po fights Tai Lung, Po goes back to him just before revealing that Shifu was resting having found inner peace. He asks Po if they get something to eat and Po agrees. He is last seen eating peaches with Po under the peach tree behind the sprout he planted earlier.

In "Secrets of the Furious Five", he was also the adoptive father of Tigress and he had taught her how to control herself with discipline.

In "Kung Fu Panda 2" he only appears in two major scenes. The first was when he's meditating to find inner peace. He explains to Po about inner peace and how it's caused by not eating and drinking for a couple of years or by suffering. He also appears at the finale as he convinced Masters Croc and Ox to not give up and joins in the final battle against Lord Shen and his henchwolves.

He debuts in the Season 1 episode "Where are the Bounty Hunters" of the "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" arc of the season. He and Po witness the Furious Five being taken by Justin and he and Po call the MCF to help them find them.

He returns in the Season 2 episode, "MCF: The Crystal Empire" , where he is Raina's kung fu teacher and a Princess Luna based role as he explains to Raina along with Yen Sid about Esperanza and Salvador in the Crystal Empire and that her test is based on loyalty.

Appearences Edit

  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(Debut; Where are the Bounty Hunters?)
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire(return)


  • He was originally going to have a big nose, but it was changed to small on Dustin Hoffman's request.
  • Shifu's name is the English approximation of the Chinese word for "master" (simplified Chinese: 师傅?; traditional Chinese: 師傅?; pinyin: shīfù). It also translates into "master-father" (師父?)
  • The simplistic design of Shifu's robe was made to resemble dedication to a simple lifestyle.
  • The colors Shifu wears (white, orange, and brown) are symbolic honor, energy, and dedication—a mirror of Shifu's traits.
  • According to the directors' commentary, there was a possible backstory that Shifu might have hoped to become the Dragon Warrior himself in his youth, but when he failed his own expectations, he vowed he would raise and train the Dragon Warrior instead.

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