Master Oogway
 Master Oogway is one of the minor protagonists of Kung Fu Panda. He is also Shifu's former mentor until he acends. He is voiced by Randall Duk Kim. He debuts in "MCF: Down in the Neither World.


In his debut movie, Master Oogway was the one who tells Shifu about Tai Lung's return to Shifu. THis leads Shifu to set a festival for the Furious Five to see which one would be the Dragon Warrior. Just before Oogway could choose Tigress, Po landed in front and selects him as the Dragon Warrior. Shifu claims it is an accident, but Oogway tells him, "There are no accidents." He provides wisdom to his friends and even gives one to a doubtful Po. He gives Shifu a chance to teach Po how to be The Dragon Warrior and give him a chance before he ascends by lotus blossoms taking him to Heaven where his Grand Master role is taken by Shifu.

In "Secrets of the Furious Five", he was the one that beats Monkey, who was a bully at this time and tells him to use his skills for good.

In Kung Fu Panda 3,, Oogway is seen in the Spirit Realm, meditating, but his then attacked by his former friend Kai, who aims to steal Oogway's chi and escape the spirit world. Oogway and Kai fight, and though the two are nearly equal in skill, Oogway is ensnared and his chi is taken, but while it happens, he tells Kai that he has sent another on the path, who would defeat him. Oogway is then transformed into a jade pendant worn around Kai's neck.

After Kai's defeat, Oogway, along with the other masters, is returned to normal. Oogway observes that Po has grown since he last saw him, as he had hoped when he sent the message to Po's father, which led to the two finding each other. He stated that on the first day they met, Oogway saw the future of kung fu in Po, as well as the past, he sensed that Po would be the one to unite them both, and become his true successor, he then gives Po his staff. Po was hesitant to accept but Oogway insisted, stating that he had a bigger one. Oogway then seemed to turn cloud of peach blossoms that ascended into the heavens, but as Po asked for him not to go, we see he was merely on a tree branch, saying that he wasn't leaving, as he lived there, and tells Po he must be the one to decide whether or not to stay in the spirit world. When Po expresses surprise, asking if he can go back, Oogway says he doesn't know as he never tried.

MCF Stories Edit

In "Down in the Neitherworld," he serves as the Bobolonius role and gives advice and guidance to Buzzy, Bartok, Stitch and Mole to help them get back to the land of the living.

In the Mystery of Raina he appears in a flashback talking to Raina and he says that a young woman came to him to learn how to balance her kung fu with the magic she was blessed with when she had trouble. That woman was Raina's mother, Maria.


  • One of the lessons Raina has learned from him is "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift" which will be mentioned in a future story.
    • Like Shifu is Raina's teacher, he was teacher to Maria.
  • Oogway is Bella's Grandfather figure and one of the few who treats Bella like a normal human being, and not some abomination mix of reality human and toon.


  • MCF: Down in the Netherworld(debut)
  • MCF: The Mystery of Raina

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