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is the main character of both the anime and manga, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. She is the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc, as well as a regular high school student living on her own while her parents work seperately over seas. She attends Momokuri High School with her best friend, Miyako Toudaiji, as well as Chiyaki Nagoya and Yamato Minazuki.

She is voiced by Kuwashima Houko.


Jeanna 1

Maron in her first Jeanne form.

As Maron, she is a young teenager of average height. She has light brown hair and keeps some of it tied back in two buns at the side of her head. For gymnastics, she is seen having it tied back in a loose pony. Other times, she has been shown to wear two braids. She has light brown eyes, but they appear lighter in the anime. She is usually seen in her school uniform when she is not Jeanne. As Jeanne, her appearance is the same in both the manga and the anime. While she is still the same height, her appearance changes drastically. Her hair becomes blonde, which is tied in a long pony tail with long curls framing her face. Her eyes turn a light purple as well. Her outfit consists of a traditional Japanese-style kimono with a red obi tied around her waist. She also wears long white boots with red ribbons that wrap around them. After she gets her second transformation, her outfit has short sleeves with a red undershirt. Around her waist is a frilly pink overskirt. The boots remain the same. Initiially, Maron's rosary that allowed her to transform into Jeanna had two white wings on either side, as well as a golden handle. The pink area was where Finn would pour her own magic into the rosary so Maron could transform. Once Maron recieves her second rosary, its appearance changes to that of a cross with three red jewels; one at the top, the bottom, and in the centre.

Maron in Jeanne 2 form.

Since Maron is a member of the rythmic gymnastics team at her school, Jeanne also is extremely flexible and agile.


Maron Kusababe is a very cheerful and energetic girl. She's stands up and defends her friend (Miyako). Her friends call her stubborn and a clutz but she's a caring person.


Maron's parents met each other when the both were assigned to design the same project for the amusement park, later called the Maron Dome.

Even after Maron was born, her parents were not home often, since they both worked. As a result, Maron was more or less alone most of the time. When she was about four, her parents began to fight and argue, which caused Maron to be upset at home, but at school, she didn't let this show.

In preschool, it was shown that Maron put on a happy and brave face, and its where she met her best friend, Miyako, by defending her against the other classmates who misunderstood her.

Since then, the two stayed close friends, where Maron would defend Miyako whenever she was picked on by the rest of their classmates.

Another case was when the two of them were about eight or nine years old, and Miyako was accused of stealing the classes fundraiser money. Maron then came to her rescue and demanded that everyone apologize to her, because she believed Miyako would not do such a thing, as she was the daughter of a police chief. The class was later proved wrong when the teacher came in with the class funds. The class then shamefully apologized to Miyako, who realized they were wrong.

When Maron was ten years old, her parents left her by herself to go work over seas. This left Maron feeling sad and alone, although she hid it pretty well, but Miyako soon found out about Maron's circumstances and realized that it was her turn to protect Maron. By middle school, Maron was shown to often stop by her mailbox in hopes that a letter from her parents would come, but nothing ever did. After this, she seemed to spend more time with Miyako and her family until high school, when Maron met Finn Fish.

After meeting Finn, a semi-angel, Maron was told that she was the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc, and it was up to her to stop the Devil from spreading evil into the hearts of pure souls. Maron was rather skeptical at first, but soon came to accept her duty.

One month after she became Kaitou Jeanne, Maron still seemed to be rather skeptical about her position as Jeanne. She also found it rather difficult to balance both her school life and becoming a kaitou at the same time, despite Finn trying to encourage her that being a kaitou was more important.

One day on her way home from school with Miyako,

the two get into an argument which results in Miyako knocking over a tower of boxes that fall on both of them. When Miyako and Maron look up, they see a young boy, named Chiyaki, who helps up Miyako and tells her he likes girls who are talkative, which causes her to blush. He then turns his attention to Maron, and says he likes the good 'view' that he got of her, which results in Maron blushing and calling him a pevert. Once Miyako and Maron arrive to their rooms, Maron angrily tells Miyako that she doesn't like Chiyaki, and that he's just another pervert, while Miyako seems to have developed a small crush on him already.

Later that evening when Maron has dinner with Miyako and her family, Miyako admits that she has a great idea on how to catch Kaitou Jeanne. Her father and Maron seem curious, but she states that it's a secret.

Maron and Finn later prepare to steal the painting of a famous painter. Determined to succeed, Maron avoids all of Miyako's traps and manages to seal the demon within her Chess Piece. Before leaving, she tricks Miyako and the rest of the police into Miyako's own trap.

The next day at school, the teacher annouces that the class has a new student, Chiyaki. Maron looks at him rather angrily while Miyako rather happily accepts that he's also in their class.


Maron first appears in MCF and the Cooper Caper, having been a friend and ally to Wing in the past and having heard of the power Vivan has. She helps the MCF girls, Wing, the Cooper gang and the other allies thieves find who give Vivan the gift and the way to save her.

Powers and AbiliestEdit

As Maron, she boasts of incredible flexibility and agility due to the fact that she is on her schools rythmic gymnastics teams.

She is easily able to hop and climb over fences as well as run quickly when the time comes. She is talented at baton twirling, as shown in her gymnastics competition. As Jeanne, she boasts of more abilities, as well as enchanced flexibility and agility. As well as this, she also possesses several very useful items.

1st Rosary: This rosary enabled her to become Jeanne by infusing it with Finn's magic. Following this, she transforms into Jeanne.

2nd Rosary: After Finn leaves, Maron recieves her second rosary in which she can become Jeanne on her own without Finn's help.

Rythmic Gymnastics Ribbon: Not the one Maron uses at school, but the weapon she uses after she recieves her second rosary. In order to defeat demons, she unleases the ribbon and ties up the enemy and by saying "Checkmate!" she is able to defeat them.

Angel's Feather: This is Maron's protection. This is what Maron's 2nd rosary originally was. By using this, Maron was able to transform the feather into the rosary to become Jeanne.

Chess Pieces: Maron uses these to seal away the demons when Finn was still with her. By collecting these, she was able to safely seal away the Devil's power.

Rebound Ball: An anime only device, this allowed Maron to grapple onto far away objects and to help her escape Miyako's traps.

Communication Device: Also an anime only device, Maron would use her 1st rosary to communicate with Finn.


  • Maron was one of the inspirations to Wing which as their weapons with the sword and ribbon and the quto 'Checkmate' Wing says at times.
  • Tracy and Maron had met each other before during the event of Angelthewingedcat's Nightmare City along with Chiaki, Meimi, and Kaito, the other thieves helping the team out. Tracy is the only MCF member to have met and teamed up with them before.


  • MCF and the Cooper Caper (Debut)

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