Margaret is a character from "Regular Show" and is Mordecai's love interest on the show. She is a 22 year old robin with a curved hairstyle and usually wears yellow shirts and jeans when she's not working at the coffee shop in which she wears a light yellow dress. She is voiced by Janie Haddad.


During the first seasons of Regular Show, she had gone through a bunch of ex-boyfriends before she decided to settle down to Mordecai. During the rest of the series, she has developed a crush on Mordecai as he always had one on her. Margaret hardly gets mad at the two heroes. In "Steak me Amadeus", she attends a college which was her dream college, which pressures her from becoming Mordecai's girlfriend, even when the two have become an official couple.

In the MCF stories, she transfers from her college to Cartoon Town's college to get close to Mordecai and is his girlfriend. She makes a debut in "MCF: The Song of Circe" where she has a break from college to meet Mordecai and Rigby's new bosses the MCF. She gets jealous of Circe when she arrives searching for a boyfriend, but knows Mordecai would never dump her for Circe and teams up with Sylvia and the MCF to get him, Rigby and Wander off of Aeaea(Circe's island).


  • She is a fan of adventure movies as seen in the beginning of the episode "Death Bear"
  • In the episode, "TGI Tuesday", she can speak Spanish.
  • Her family is seen in "Family BBQ" where she is revealed to be a half-human hybrid since her father is a human and her mother is a robin like her.
  • She could closely resemble a cardinal since cardinals feathers are red.
  • It is unknown how as of now how Mordecai developed a crush on Margaret as of the show moment.
  • She is a horrible baker, as stated in "Pie Contest". 
  • She may form a friendship with the MCF in later stories.
    • In MCF: The Song of Circe, she gets jealous when one woman goes after Mordecai. This was referenced since she was jealous of CJ in "Yes, Dude, Yes." 
    • Also, in same story, she mentions that her new college allows her a month vacation before summer starts. This could mean that Cartoon Town's college allows March as a Spring Break month.


  • MCF: The Song of Circe(Debut)
  • MCF: Cute First(minor appearence)