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Welcome to the The mystery case files WikiEdit

This is the wiki page for the group Mystery Case Files created by EmmyDisney17 on

This is not to be confused with the video game Mystery Case Files.

This is a Private wiki only letting people that know the stories on DeviantART and have written MCF stories before are allowed to view the wiki. I'm sorry but this is my final word.



  1. Please if you add a character page whether it's an ally or a villain please enter a full description on Bio, Personality, Physical Appearance etc and not just a blank page with only the heading on the page and the picture . I'd really appreciate it.
  2. This wiki is restricted ONLY to members only or people have that have read any MCF story on DeviantART and through EmmyDisney17's stories on
  3. DO NOT EDIT A MCF CASE STORY IF IT HAD BEEN POSTED BY trachie17, Detective88, Angelthewingedcat, Disneygal1234, Starzilla, Mjsmoothcriminal999, EmmyDisney17 etc. If you do you will 1. Get a warning 2. second warning 3. Be Banned from wiki. If you want to ask the author that posted it COMMENT on the page and the author will decide if he/she will add it.
  4. Please SIGN in on the wiki if you don't have an account please make one. I get worried about contributors.
  5. If it's not a MCF story posted by any of the users mentioned in Rule 3 and you want to do one. It needs to be discussed by any of the admins first.
  6. If it's not a MCF case but something related to the story and you edited the pages without their permission. The same rule applies for number 3.
  7. PLEASE FILL OUT ANY PAGES OR CHARACTER PAGES BEFORE PUBLISHING IT IF YOU POST IT ON THE WIKI. If you don't do this. I will give you time to redo it but if you don't. I'll have to delete it.
  8. Please do not post a comment on a character page that has nothing to do with what this wiki is all about. Your comment will be removed if you do this.
  9. Do not add a category, case, etc. without ask an admin. You will be given only one warning or a ban.
  10. If ANYBODY puts a random thing as a category, say a box, or add a stupid category like song titles or anything else similar you will be banned.

All pages of the wiki are being currently in the process protected by unregistered users. So if anyone even thinks of messing with this wiki you can't.

This is not a wiki where you can do what you want and add characters with whatever you please. Or whatever categories you want. Please respect our rules. If you'd like to fix spelling errors. Then go ahead. Other than that please respect our rules.

Have a nice day.

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