Mafiafas is a evil sorcerer who is the OC of both Detective88 and Subuku No Jess. He has a monster crush on Jessy as well, but when she's OogieJess the most and is one of Jessy's suitors. He has a brown beard, a red hooded cloak with the words MAFIAFAS in the back, a gold sash with gold Arabian shoes. He is evil, predatorial and will stop at nothing to take over the world and take OogieJess for himself. He is voiced by Christopher Lloyd who also plays Rasputin in Anastasia.


Mafiafas is a sorcerer with a red hooded robe with his name in gold letters, gold shoes and he has a brown beard.


Mafiafas debuts in "My Favorite Predator" where we reveal his crush on OOgieJess Hyde, much to everyone's disgust. He sends 31 villains to stop the girls in their quest to return Jessy to normal state. He does the same again, but only 20 villlains for a shrunken Aaron and Raina.


  • On occasion, he'll team up with one of Raina's suitors to have a win-win senario for him.
  • Mafiafas will return in a mystery.
  • Along with Jessy, Mafiafas also has a crush on Bella kus of her sweet and angelic look, much to her embarassment.


  • My Favorite Predator(debut)
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare
  • A Very MCF Christmas
  • MCF: Twisted Love
  • My Two Tiny Angels
  • MCF: The Secret of Billy
  • MCF: Calling All Allies
  • MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF