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Madeline Hatter is a character from "Ever After High". She is Raven Queen's best friend and the only oen who can speak with the narrator. She has turqouise/magenta wavy hair, a teapot barrette, blue eyes, a purple dress with a blue bow, and multicolored skirt with a blue bow. She is excited about her destiny, though she's on the rebel's side because seh support's Raven's idea to make her own destiny. Madeline is voiced by Cindy Robinson.


Madeline Legacy Day

Madeline's Legacy Day Dress

Madeline is the daughter of the Mad Hatter. She is shown to have tea at certain times like her father. She is the only one who can actually talk to the narrators. She is the rebels side with Hunter, Raven and Cedar Wood.

We'll find out more once Ever After High videos come out.


Madeline is bright, energetic, and extremely friendly. Generally, she interprets things more positive than they are, the one exception being when people are explicitly arguing. Madeline is also extremely fond of tea and keeps an entire tea set, including her tea buddy Earl Grey, in her hat to be ready for tea time wherever she goes. She has many reality and 4th wall shattering perks, such as being able to hear the narrators and claiming to see into the future- though people rarely take her seriously on either of those.


  • She can talk to the narrators
  • She has a dormouse named Earl Gray.
  • She is considered Raina's only friend at Ever After High.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at LastI(episode: the Starian Secret: The Musical Mystery; the Search for Starz)(debut)
  • MCF and the Ever After High(upcoming)
  • MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons(upcoming)

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