"MCF and the Wishing Star" is an upcoming mystery based on "Wakko's Wish" but with a twist. Set to be released in Feburary


When Jessy gets an ailment, Raina makes a wish on the wishing star, but to get her wish, she must get there and touch it. With her friends and neighbors, it's a race for time to get to the star.

Characters Who AppearEdit

  • Raina
  • Jessy
  • Starz
  • Emmy
  • Daisy
  • Tracy
  • Tricia(neutral; in a role of Brain)
  • Mordecai and Rigby
  • Bartok
  • Rocko Wallaby
  • Heffer Wolfe
  • Ed and Bev Bighead
  • Filbert(debut)
  • Dr. Hutchison(debut)
  • The Mane Six
  • The Rookie Mystery Case Files
  • Cosmo Cosma(debut)
  • Wanda Cosma(debut)
  • Poof Cosma(debut)
  • Margo
  • Edith
  • Agnes
  • The Enchantress(Beauty and the Beast)(debut)


  • Hex(full debut; main antagonist)
  • Shirona Tennyson(major antagonist)
  • The Beagle Boys(debut; major antagonist)


  • Gotta Cheer Up and Never Give Up Hope(Wakko's Wish)-Cast
  • Wishing Stars(J'Lostein)-Raina
  • We're Off to the Wishing Star(Wakko's Wish)-Cast
  • If I Can Have My Wish(Wakko's Wish)-Cast
  • She's Gotta Get to the Wishing Star(He's Gotta Get to the Wishing Star)-Cast
  • Gotta Cheer Up and Never Give up Hope Finale(Wakko's Wish)-Cast


  • This is based on "Wakko's Wish." with slight twist.
  • IN this story, Jessy has a life-threatening germ in her stomach that causes her to be bedridden for most of the story, but (spoilers), she gets better by the end.

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