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MCF and the Forgotten Sister Title Card

MCF and the Forgotten Sister is an MCF story written by trachie17. In it, Anya reveals that Tracy and Tricia have a younger sister named Annie and they along with the MCF girls must go and find her before Grigori the son of Rasputin finds her.

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Tracy
  • Tricia
  • Annie Romanov (Debut)
  • Raina
  • Emmy
  • Daisy
  • Jessy
  • Starz
  • Seamus Finnigan
  • Cedric Diggory
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Nosedive Flashblade
  • Riku
  • Anastasia Romanov
  • Dimitri Romanov
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Kenny Tennyson
  • Doyle Blackwell


  • Grigori Rasputin (Debut) (Main Antagonist)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Northwest(debut; minor antagonist)
  • Pacifica Northwest(debut; minor antagonist)


When Tracy begins to have recurring visions about their mother and father protecting a girl but one day when the MCF find a young girl with no memories of her past. The girls and Tricia send out to help her regain her memories. But that may be a problem when Grigori tries to stop them from achieving that goal.


  • MCF Theme to the Tune of Monster High MCF
  • Anastasia Prologue (Once Upon A December)-Anya, Young Tracy and Tricia
  • Yocheved's Ballad (Prince of Egypt)-Anya and Young Tracy
  • Free (Barbie and the Princess and the Pauper)-Tracy and Annie
  • Maybe (Annie) (90s Version)-Annie
  • Castle On A Cloud (Les Miserables)-Annie
  • Master of the House (Les Miserables)-Mr. Northwest, Mrs. Northwest
  • More Than A Dream (Cinderella III: A Twist in Time)-Annie
  • Naughty (Matilda)-Annie
  • Journey to The Past (Anastasia)-Annie
  • Bring Her Home (Les Miserables)-Anya
  • Once Upon A December (Anastasia)-Annie
  • In The Dark Of The Night (Anastasia)-Grigori
  • Why Should I Worry? (Oliver and Company)-Tricia
  • Stars (Les Miserables)-Grigori
  • More Than A Peacock Princess (Disney Princess Enchanted Tales)-Tracy, Tricia and Annie
  • To Be A Princess (Barbie and the Princess and the Pauper)-Tracy, Tricia, MCF and Annie
  • Paris Holds The Key To Your Heart (Anastasia)-Sophie, Tricia and Cast
  • More than A Dream (Reprise) (Cinderella III: A Twist IN Time)-Annie
  • On My Own (Les Miserables)-Annie
  • Confrontation (Les Miserables)-Grigori, Tracy and Tricia
  • Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Les Miserables)-Tricia


  • This story marks the debut of Annie Romanov and Grigori.
  • It's revealed that Grigori is the son of Rasputin and Queen Selene and revealed he was hidden from the rest of the world.
  • This story will have several references to Anastasia, including Annie and Girgori being like their respective parents.
  • This story reveals Pacifica Northwest who will later be Sunset's student is Annie's adopted sister mirroring her older sisters Tracy and Tricia.

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