MCF and the Caballero Mystery is an upcoming Mystery written by Detective88. It is the sequel to "Up the Amazon", where the MCF meet up with all three of the Three Caballeros, Jose, Panchito and Donald. Set to be released after "Up the Amazon."

Characters Who AppearEdit

  • Raina
  • Jessy
  • Daisy
  • Tracy
  • Emmy
  • Starz
  • Donald Duck(debut)
  • Jose Carioca
  • Panchito Pistoles(debut)
  • Anya/Anastasia Romanov(minor appearence)
  • Julie Yamamoto-Tennyson(minor appearence)
  • Rook
  • Mrs. Krabappel(debut)


  • Nigel(Rio)(main antagonist)
  • Paulina Sanchez
  • Bonnie Rockweiller

Synopsis Edit

Raina and the girls ditch school to go to to Mexico to visit the Three Caballeros. However, when someone is menacing the trio, the MCF have to stop the villain before he hurts Raina's old friends.


  • MCF Theme Song(To the Tune of Monster High)-MCF(with Jose, Donald and Panchito)
  • Mexico(The Three Caballeros)-Raina
  • The Three Caballeros(The Three Caballeros)-MCF, Donald, Jose and Panchito
  • Pretty Bird(Rio)-Nigel
  • Day of the Dead(Voltaire)-Donald, Jose, Panchito and MCF
  • Escucha Mi Corizon(Chalkzone)-MCF, Donald, Jose and Panchito(played during the epilogue


  • This marks Jose's return. However this is Donald and Panchito's debut.
  • All Three Caballeros will know about Tracy and Tricia's rivalry.
  • Daisy Duck will be mentioned by Donald sometime in the story.
  • This is a semi parody of the Kenan and Kel episode "Ditch Day Afternoon" which happens to be the authoress's favorite episode.
  • This is also one of those one to have an epilogue. The other being "MCF and the Avengers". In this case, Spoilers: despite the girls getting grounded, they're only grounded for a week because of the good deed they did and the reward they got. The epilogue is where the girls go back to Mexico for another concert with the Caballeros.

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