Timeline for the MCF-verse of when the stories or events the characters go through.

The Mystery Case Files Family (1920s-TBA) Edit

The early beginnings of the original MCF group.

1900s- Edit

1910s- Edit

Circa 1920s- Edit

  • Anya, Dimitri, Vladimir, and Bartok are sent to the future due to the magical shock wave created after Rasputin's failed ressurection.
  • The events of the Book of Life happen.

1926- Edit

  • Events of Anastasia (not counting flashback)[1]

1940s or 1950s- Edit

  • Events of Howl's Moving Castle takes place.

1960s- Edit

1970s- Edit

Circa 1980s- Edit

  • Anya meets, joins, and learns magic from the MCF.

Circa 1990s- Edit

  • Jafar is resurrected as a prank by Hades into the 1900s where he goes into a fury, bringing the attention of the original MCF.
  • Jafar attacks and the daughters are separated from their mothers.

1994- Edit

  • March 18- Jessy was born.

1997- Edit

MCF Second Generation (2011-TBA) Edit

The main plot and present day of when the MCF stories take place.

2011- Edit

2012- Edit

February- Edit

  • Jessy learns the truth about Billy.
  • Meets Jess. Jess joins Jessy.
  • Jessy gains Spiritual Sense Ability.

September- Edit

  • Jessy meets "Issac"
  • Jessy is taught water style by Isobu.

October- Edit

  • Jessy meets her biological father

2013- Edit

2014- Edit

June- Edit

  • Jessy graduates Cartoon Town High

2015- Edit

  • Jessy starts college.

2016- Edit

Other Important Events in the MCF-verse Edit

Events from where Cartoon Town, Canon character, and Non-Canon characters take place.

2012- Edit

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