"MCF: Black Butler" is a MCF Story written by Subuku no Jess. In the story, Jessy and the Vore Gang are sent to England in the 1800's during a case and they encounter Ciel Phantomhive and his butler in which they need help on a murder case.

Characters Who Appear

  • Jessy
  • Raina (Minor Appearance)
  • Emmy (Minor Appearance)
  • Starz (Minor Appearance)
  • Tracy (Minor Appearance)
  • Tricia (Minor Appearance)
  • Audrey II/Twoey (Neutral Character)
  • Shukaku Ichibi (Neutral Character)
  • Oogie Boogie (Neutral Character)
  • Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Finnian (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Mey-Rin (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Bardroy (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Tanaka (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Elizabeth Midford (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Paula (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Pluto (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Fred Abberline (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Prince Some (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Agni (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Undertaker (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Lau (Black Butler/Debut)
  • Queen Victoria (Black Butler/Debut; Minor Appearance)
  • England aka Arthur Kirkland (Hetalia/Return)
  • Sage Phantomhive (SNJ's OC/Debut)


  • Richard Buckington (SNJ's OC/Debut; Main Antagonist)
  • Reve Indesirables aka The Unwanted Dream (SNJ's OC/Debut; Secondary/Minor Antagonist)
  • Beche Indesirables aka The Unwanted Spade (SNJ's OC/Debut; Minor Antagonist)
  • Grelle Sutcliff (Black Butler/Debut; Minor Antagonist)
  • William T. Spears (Black Butler/Debut; Minor Antagonist)


On her 20th birthday in the middle of a case, Jessy and her Vore Gang get sent back into the late 1800's in England where they are found and being cared for by Ciel Phantomhive, his butler, Sebastian, and all of their friends. In order to get back to their own time, they would have to work together despite their differences on another mystery before Jessy's birthday is done.


  • MCF Theme Song (Alternate Version)- MCF
  • Monochrome No Kiss (Original Japanese Version)- SID
  • Would You Like To Have This Plant, Sir? (Do You Want To Build A Snowman?)- Young Jessy and Jessy
  • Would You Like To Have This Plant, Ma'am? (Reprise)- Ciel and Adult Jessy
  • Monochrome No Kiss (English Version By Y.Chang)- Adult Jessy


  • This story is set right before "MCF: 20 Candles" since Jessy's birthday comes before Tracy and Tricia's.
  • In the Black Butler timeline, this story (March 11-March18) is set after the Drosell-Puppet Arc in the anime and the Book Of Circus arc in the manga/anime.
    • The Drosell Arc was on December, which is the month that CIel's birthday falls upon and the Book Of Circus Arc happened on February.
  • This is the first case in which a major character from an anime interrupts the title song and the main theme from the debut anime plays on.
  • Not only would this be a special Birthday story for Subuku No Jess, but the reason that Black Butler is the focus of the story is because the writer recently watched the anime and had dubbed the year 2014 "The Year Of Ciel" to represent that year's expectations and theme.
  • At the end of the case, Jessy's voice briefly changes from Vyvan Pham to Jackie Burns, an actress who played Elphaba from Wicked when the writer saw it on her 18th birthday.
  • This is one of the few cases in which a MCF member has to solve a case on their own.
  • This would be one of the few cases in which The Predator Vore Gang (Audrey II, Oogie, and Shukaku) are seen as major characters helping the protagonists.
  • It would be revealed that Ciel and Jessy would have a friendship since both are around supernatural beings, solve mysteries, and they have had a lonely past.
  • Before Jessy leaves, she gives Ciel and Sebastian a MCF badge, telling them to communicate if anything comes up, meaning that the two might be in future cases and meet the other girls.
  • Since the writer is still new to Black Butler, most of the villains featured are OCs.
  • This would be the first case in which other desires besides Vore would be majorly present such as Stuffing and Growing.
  • Also, this would be the first case in which someone else would experience Hyper State (in this case, Ciel).
  • This case is loosely inspired by the Black Butler OVA episode, "Welcome To The Phantomhives" in which an Unnamed Lady (the viewer) is visiting the manor and meets all the characters while having an adventure.
  • Even though the writer has not seen the last episodes of Black Butler or the sequel Black Butler 2, the fate of Ciel and Sebastian at the end of the story would try to be vague... but lean towards what happens at the end of Black Butler 2.
  • This would be the first case in which an individual Audrey II-like plant is given a personality and role rather than just the baby Mini-Twoeys.