MCF: Adventures in Sophie-sitting is a mystery written by Detective88. It is where Raina babysits Sophie Bennet for an allowance raise only to have her go to an adventure and a witch she and her other before Sophie's parents come to pick her up.


Raina gets assigned to babysit Sophie Bennet for a allowance raise, however, she must protect Sophie from a witch who captures little children. Will she do this or she will fail?

Characters who AppearedEdit

  • Raina(main protagonist)
  • Sophie Bennet(deuragonist)
  • Louis the Aligator(debut)
  • Mrs. Bennet(debut)(minor appearence)
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge(minor appearence)
  • Candlehead(minor appearence)
  • Rancis Flutterbutter(Minor appearence)
  • Jessy(major appearence)
  • Starz(major appearence)
  • Daisy(major appearence)
  • Emmy(major appearence)
  • Gruffi Gummi(debut)
  • Tummi Gummi(debut)
  • Sunni Gummi(debut)
  • Grammi Gummi(debut)
  • Zummi Gummi(debut)
  • Gusto Gummi(debut)
  • Balloo(debut)
  • Mowgli(debut)
  • Bagheera(debut)
  • Dipper Pines(debut)
  • Mabel Pines(debut)
  • Flapjack(debut)
  • Chowder(debut)
  • Princess Camille(debut)
  • Mac(Foster's)(debut)
  • Anne-Marie


  • Cackletta(debut)(main antagonist)
  • Sewernose de Bergerac(debut)(major antagonist)
  • Ogres(The Gummi Bears)(Debut) (major antagonists)
  • Shere Khan(debut)(minior antagonist)


  • MCF: Theme Song(To the Tune of Monster High)-MCF
  • Little Wooden Head(Pinocchio)-Raina
  • Down in New Orleans(The Princess and the Frog)-Dr John(Played in the Background)


  • This is the first case where Raina has to solve by herself though her teammates come to help her later.
  • Raina mentions that she's babysitting Sophie for an allowance raise($10 raise).
  • This is one of the times all the MCF aren't together to solve the mystery
  • Raina would form a bond with Sophie because she reminds her of Cosette.
  • This is one of the few cases to have less songs.
  • This is one of the first times two worlds are visited in one case.
  • The scene where Sewernose tempts Sophie to join in his acting is simular to Pinocchio where J Worthington "Honest John" Fowlfellow does the same to the titilur character

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