Lucy Westenra Vampire

Lucy as a vampire

Lucy Westenra is a character in "Dracula: Dead and Loving it". She is inspired by the character of the same name in the book "Dracula" by Bram Stoker. Lucy is a voluptious woman who is the "adoptive sister" of Mina, her best friend. However, her lusty behavior makes it her downfall as she is bitten by Dracula and turned into a vampire before her death. She has dark brown hair, pale blue(later silver) eyes, pale skin(really pale as a vampire), and wears a sleek white dress, with a white robe; she is portrayed by Lysette Anthony.


Lucy was seen at the opera with her best friend Mina, Mina's fiancee Jonathan Harker, Mina's father Dr. Seward. The semi-snobbish Lucy is easily flattered and infatuated by the titular antagonist Count Dracula when he compliments her knowledge of Carfax Abbey and her neck. She flirts with him from her window, prompting him to suck her blood. She appears pale and wan which leads to Dr. Seward calling Professor Abraham Van Helsing, who tells him and Jonathan that a vampire did it to her and if she dies after the vampire sucks her blood, she will become one herself. They fill the room with garlic, but Dracula sends his buffoonish henchman, Reinfield to dispose of the garlic. When Reinfield decides to look at her from under the covers, getting exposed. Dracula uses hypnotism to lure Lucy to the garden where he finally kills her. She is then turned into a vampire and kills her guard who is watching over her coffin. She tries to seduce Jonathan enough for her to bite his neck and attack, but Dr. Van Helsing prevents it by showing her a cross. She retreats to her crypt where Jonathan finally kills her...with a gush full of blood along with it.

In "MCF: Attack of the Vampires", an archeologist accidentally ressurects Lucy with an ancient code, making her Queen of the Vampires." she along with Dracula(Van Helsing)'s ex-brides, Marishka, Aleera and Verona along with their vampires attack Cartoon Town to turn it into their kingdom, but she plans to make Wander her king and Emmy her servant by taking their blood...but to make sure, she takes Bartok and Jessy away.

Lucy as a human

Lucy as a human before turned into a vampire


  • In the original book, she had three suitors because of her beauty, but in Dracula: Dead and Loving It, they weren't seen.
  • How she explains her plan in "MCF: Attack of the Vampires" is simular to Hans in Frozen. 
  • Lucy's death was gruesome in the original book which is why they toned it to staking her heart in "Dracula: Dead and Loving It." 


  • MCF: Attack of the Vampires(Debut)

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