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Lucifer, also known as The DevilThe Morning Star, and Satan, is a fallen archangel. He is presumably the former ruler of Hell and the creator of demons, seen by them as a father figure and their God. As the second-born archangel, he is the younger brother of Michael and the older brother of Raphael and Gabriel. According to Gabriel, he was God's favorite celestial, but when God asked for all angels to bow down to humanity, Lucifer refused both out of jealousy of God's love and wounded pride over being commanded to bow to what he saw as a flawed and murderous species. He waged a war against God but was eventually cast out of Heaven by God, and banished to Hell by Michael. All of Azazel's actions were motivated with the goal of eventually releasing Lucifer from his cage in Hell.

Since he is an angel, Lucifer must have the permission of any human he wishes to use as his vessel, as he can not forcefully possess a person. Being an archangel, Lucifer possesses much more power than any normal angel and also every demon and species of monsters, most of whom deify him.

He was finally freed and allowed to roam the Earth when the final seal (the death of Lilith) was broken by Sam. Freed from his cage, he took action to bring about the Apocalypse and cleanse the Earth (aka "The last perfect handiwork of God") of human beings (the flawed creation). Even after Lucifer was able to possess Sam Winchester, his true vessel, Sam's love for his brother Dean allowed Sam to regain control of his body, and seal himself, Lucifer, Michael, and Adam Milligan in Lucifer's Cage.

Lucifer is the main antagonist of Season 5 and the secondary antagonist (as a hallucination) of Season 7. He is arguably the primary antagonist of the entire series, having served as the ultimate cause of evil in the show. He makes a cameo appearance in MCF and the Supernatural and aids Alt. Tracy in hopes of getting Sam Winchester. He makes his final appearance in the upcoming MCF: Swan Song. He is portrayed by Mark Pellegrino 


Lucifer was once the most beautiful and beloved angel in all of existence. God loved Lucifer the most of all his angels. Because of his elevated status among the other angels, Lucifer was very proud. When humanity was created, he was unwilling to accept that he was no longer God's favorite. When God commanded all those ofHeaven to love his new creation more than himself, Lucifer refused. Lucifer pleaded: "Father, I can't. These human beings are flawed. Murderous!" Lucifer continued his disobedience, asking Michael to stand by his side in his rebellion against God's orders. Michael refused Lucifer's request, and under God's command, Michael cast Lucifer into Hell.

Naturally, being cast out of Heaven enraged Lucifer, and he struck back by tempting and twisting the soul of a human woman, Lilith. After completely stripping her of her humanity, her soul was transformed into the very first demon. Because of this unforgivable blasphemy against God, Lucifer was further punished by being placed into an additional solitary imprisonment within Hell. He remained there in isolation for a millennium. Lucifer's long term goal was to eventually be freed from the Cage, eradicate humanity, and restore Earth to its original "untainted" glory. It is suggested that Lucifer only uses demons as servants and would eradicate all of them as well, because, despite them being his creations, he considers demons to be even less worthy than humans. Proof of this is shown when he casually kills dozens of them. However, he holds his greatest contempt for Pagan Gods, believing them to be petty, disloyal, and the lowest of all beings because they claim to be gods.

Lucifer claims that he never lies or even tricks, because he does not have to, as he has said, "I will never lie to you. I will never trick you." He promised both his vessels, Nick and Sam Winchester, that he would be honest with them. He also said that he sympathizes with his vessels, both of whom are victims like himself. He went to some lengths to get Sam's acceptance, sparing Dean Winchester's life on several occasions, and allowing Sam revenge against some of the demons that controlled his life. Despite this, Lucifer has been proven to mislead on occasion, suggesting that this was more of a ploy to gain trust, rather than an actual commitment, and he would bend this rule when it's to his advantage. Further more, Lucifer tries to gain sympathy from his opponents such as Dean by claiming that he is truly a victim and was justified in his actions. 

Lucifer shows concern for his fellow angels, though it is the archangels he loves most. He captured Castiel and admired the angel's loyalty in refusing to reveal the presence of his friends. He invited Castiel to join him, and when Castiel refused, Lucifer respected his decision and offered him a chance to change his mind. Lucifer was remorseful when forced to kill Gabriel and disappointed when Michael berated him. When preparing to fight his older sibling in their pre-destined battle, Lucifer pleaded with Michael to "walk off the chessboard," but Michael remained determined to fulfill his destiny and serve God. Even so, when Castiel struck Michael with holy fire, Lucifer was outraged by the attack on his brother and obliterated Castiel.

Gabriel criticized Lucifer, describing his actions as "one great big temper tantrum." Death and Crowley both made similar observations, as they have both called him a bratty and petulant child with daddy issues. Nonetheless, Lucifer sees himself as a tragic figure who was punished for being right. He refuses to accept any blame for his actions and suggests that God intentionally made Lucifer the way he is, asserting that "God wanted the Devil."

Lucifer is also highly cruel and barbaric to those who get in his way, and despite his claims of being the victim, he has no qualms about killing anyone who angers him, even if he has no true reason for killing them. For example, he barbarically massacred all the pagan gods (except for Kali, who was rescued and escaped), simply because they plotted against him, despite the fact that they posed no real threat to him and takes great pleasure in beating Dean for being "such a pain in (his) ass." He also slaughtered an entire town by sacrificing the women and children and then having his demons possess the men before killing them just to raise a horseman. 

Powers and Abilities

As an elder archangel, Lucifer is one of the most powerful supernatural beings to exist, possessing nigh-omnipotent supernatural power. Lucifer is described as being an angel of immense power and strength. Because archangels are independent when cut off from Heaven, Lucifer maintains all his powers. The immensity of his power was further shown by how an improper human vessel, Nick, decayed greatly as a result of containing him and had to consume gallons of demon blood to maintain his form. Only few beings are more powerful than him, one of which is Michael, though he showed no fear when facing his older brother. As a nigh-Omnipotent being, Lucifer has an immaculate amount of power. Below are listed the powers he has demonstrated in the show.

  • Immortality - As an angel, Lucifer has an infinitely long lifespan. Time does not degrade his vessel, like with all celestial beings. He is among the first angels and is therefore older than the Earth itself, making him well over 4.5 billion years old. The excessive passing of time does not degrade his vessel, like with all celestial beings. His vessel is unaffected by diseases and toxins. He does not tire, and does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain his vessel. On one occasion, Castiel clearly says about killing Lucifer, "It's foolish, it can't be done", and later calls the task "insane". However, an archangel blade can kill him, as can God and Death. Higher Leviathan may prove a challenge to him, and Eve may have been able to weaken him with her presence.
  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels Lucifer is required to use a vessel on Earth, as Zachariahemphasizes. And he needs the vessel's permission, as with all angels. Because of the immensity of his power, he must use a vessel descended from Cain or Abel, or it will begin to decay and eventually spontaneously combust.
  • Invulnerability - Lucifer's vessel is impervious to damage and injury, except when harmed by an archangel blade, God, Death, a Leviathan, Eve, supernatural weapons of significant power, or his archangel brethren. Kali, the most powerful of the deities at the gathering of the pagan deities, tried to harm him with a pyrokinetic attack, but it had no effect and Lucifer simply smiled at her attempt at harming him, showing him to be unaffected by extreme temperatures. The Colt caused him initial pain, but he soon recovered, though it should be noted that his temporary vessel was decaying at the time.
  • Immunity - Lucifer is one of only five things in creation that the Colt cannot kill.
  • Cosmic Awareness - Lucifer has immense awareness of virtually everything, as Sam has said, "I'm sure he knows a buttload we don't". He possesses absolute wisdom and the potential to transcend all earthly things. He knows spells capable of binding the Horsemen to him, but he, according to Chuck, didn't know about the Impala.
  • Superhuman Strength - As an elder archangel, Lucifer endows his vessel with immense strength, sufficient enough to having slaughtered ancient pagan deities, even the mightiest of pagan gods, with his bare hands with minor effort. As Gabriel predicted, Lucifer "turned them into finger paint." Lucifer went on a rampage during which he brutally ripped the other gods to shreds, beating them to death and tearing off their limbs through sheer force. He was able to knock down Kali with one punch and punched throughBaldur's chest. This makes him among the strongest beings in all of existence. As the second oldest archangel, he's significantly stronger than the vast majority of any other supernatural beings: such as angels, demons, spirits, humans, and monsters. He was also able to overpower his younger brother Gabriel, an archangel like him. Humans are powerless against him in terms of physical might; he once effortlessly threw Dean into the Impala with great force and literally beat him to a bloody pulp, nearly killing him. Although his archangel brethren are his equals, only Michael is his certain equal and possible superior in strength.
  • Super stamina - His vessel is unaffected by diseases and toxins. He does not tire, and does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain his vessel.
  • Regeneration - If Lucifer's vessel receives any physical damage, the wound will completely heal instantaneously. When shot with the Colt, for example, the bullet hole healed in under a minute. Interestingly, the ability does not reverse the decay caused to Nick by Lucifer's power. Lucifer is unaffected by natural diseases and illnesses as well as to supernatural infections such as the croatoan virus.
  • Shapeshifting - Lucifer can change his form regardless of being inside a vessel or otherwise. Lucifer can change his shape into any person he wanted, similar to Gabriel's ability; it is possible that Lucifer once took the form of a Reaper to lure Castiel away.
  • Teleportation - Lucifer can travel anywhere instantly without occupying the space in between. However, when imprisoned in his cage, he cannot leave unless it is opened by an outside force.
  • Power Negation - Lucifer could prevent lesser supernatural creatures from using their powers, as Baldur and Kali were unable to teleport either themselves or the Winchesters when he arrived at the motel where they were hiding.
  • Telepathy - Lucifer had complete access to Sam's memories and thoughts while he possessed him. 
  • Empathy - Lucifer could read the emotions of his vessel, and presumably humans who were not his vessel.
  • Advanced Telekinesis - Lucifer can impart kinetic energy on matter with his mind. He is extremely proficient, being able to rip pagan deities apart with this power.
  • Dream Walking - Lucifer has the ability to enter a person's dreams. Even without a human vessel, Lucifer was able to speak with Nick in his dreams while taking on the appearance of his deceased wife. He demonstrated this again when he spoke to Sam in his dreams while taking on the appearance of Jessica Moore.
  • Thermokinesis - Lucifer can alter temperatures to a drastic degree. His presence alone in Detroit caused incredible drops in temperature and he froze a pane of glass by merely breathing on it.
  • Supernatural Perception - Lucifer can perceive the true form of beings invisible to the human eye. Lucifer was able to see the true form of Death when he raised the Horseman out of his prison.
  • Weather Manipulation - When Lucifer was released, he altered the weather by creating severe winds and causing hurricanes and tornadoes across the world. He made the entire city of Detroit's temperature drop simply through his presence.
  • Biokinesis - Lucifer killed Castiel by speeding up his molecules to the point where it caused him to explode simply by snapping his fingers.
  • Advanced Reality Warping - Although never displayed in person, Lucifer reminded Gabriel that he taught him everything he knew about using this power, when the latter tried to use it to kill him. Upon his escape the Koreans made their first successful nuclear test.
  • Spell Casting - Lucifer was able to bind the Horsemen to his presence with a spell, controlling their actions to a moderate degree. He also performed a ritual sacrifice of demons to release Death from his coffin. He also knew how to ward angels from the Angel Tablet.
  • Resurrection - Lucifer can easily revive dead people. Raphael was under the impression that he is powerful enough to bring back deceased angels.
  • Terrakinesis - Lucifer could generate earthquakes through his mere presence on the earth; he was able to cause them at a colossal range, creating several across the whole world while he was in America.
  • Precognition - Lucifer could see and accurately predict the future, but he could not see the whole picture; he knew he would possess Sam in Detroit and told him the first time he met him.
  • Torturing - Lucifer is skilled in torture, both physical and spiritual. He tortured Lilith's spirit to the point where he turned her into the original demon. He also tortured Sam to the point where the mental damage would have killed him, had Castiel not absorbed the damage.
  • White Light -  He once captured Castiel by disabling him with a burst of white light. It is possible the Lucifer can destroy vast areas with this ability
  • Mental Projection - Despite being trapped in the cage, he could still communicate to beings on Earth, as he did with Azazel, though Azazel had to sacrifice several nuns for this to be achieved.


  • He is incredibly powerful in his own right, even being the second oldest archangel in existence, Lucifer has a few weaknesses in comparison to his archangel brethren.
    • Archangels - While all other angel types can't physically hurt Lucifer with their own strength, archangels can physically hurt each other. But he is considerably stronger than Gabriel and Raphael. Lucifer potentially rivals Michael's power, but Michael is ultimately stronger.
    • Archangel blades - Archangel blades can harm and kill Lucifer.
    • Lucifer's Cage - This cell can hold any angel, therefore including Lucifer, without any internal means of escape.
    • Enochian Sigils - Lucifer cannot locate someone if they are warded by enochian sigils. 
    • Leviathans - It is highly implied that Leviathan can harm and kill archangels.
    • Eve - As a being that predates celestials, and can negate angelic powers, it is implied Eve can harm, if not kill Archangels.
    • Death - As literally the bringer of Death, he can kill any being, including Lucifer.
    • God - As the creator of Lucifer, and the most powerful being in existence, God can kill Lucifer.


  • Being the boss of Azazel and Lilith, Lucifer is the overall bigger bad of Supernatural starting in season 1to the end of season 4. He takes the stage as the main antagonist in season 5 and comes back as a secondary antagonist in season 7.
  • Series creator Eric Kripke has jokingly compared him to a "raging psychotic" version of environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr., with "unlimited power". * A homage to John Milton's Paradise Lost, Lucifer will be portrayed as "gentle, almost sympathetic." Kripke further characterized him as a "Devil who has doubt" and "a lot of affection for God and the angels," and who "speaks really tenderly and gently and...doesn't lie." [2]
  • Kripke reasoned, "He was essentially betrayed, so in some ways he can be viewed sympathetically ... if we can make the angels dicks, Lucifer can be sympathetic."
  • The way Lucifer killed Baldur is similar to the way, Albert Wesker killed Ozwell E. Spencer in the video game series Resident Evil, in both method and words delivered upon killing their respective victims.
  • Of all the archangels, Lucifer has appeared the most in the series.
  • So far in the series, Lucifer has used two vessels, Nick and Sam Winchester.
  • Lucifer is the only archangel whose name doesn't end with "el" but end with "er." This is because Lucifer is the Latin calque of the Hebrew Heylel.
  • Before Season 5 it was believed that God was the one who locked him in his cage but it was then revealed in Season 5 that it was actually Michael who cast Lucifer into Hell on God's orders.
  • The Devil is known by many names throughout different faiths: Lucifer (Latin for " 'The Morning Star' or 'light bringer'"), The Devil, The Serpent, and Satan (Hebrew for "Adversary").
  • According to Mark Pellegrino in the Season 7 Companion Guide, Lucifer was probably more than just ahallucination and that he was possibly a psychic projection of Lucifer still stuck in The Cage.
  • Lucifer was named one of TV Guide's "Top 60 Villains of All Time".
  • As with Gadreel, Lucifer is the most significant antagonist of the series. He is the one who brought about the chaos upon the universe, creation of demon kind, God leaving (alongside Gadreel's failure) and the Apocalypse. While Gadreel is the indirect catalyst for these events, Lucifer directly carried out these actions.
  • If time in the cage is the same as time in the rest of Hell, then Lucifer spent approximately 630,000 years there before being released by Sam.
  • His role in the MCF series is the same, in the MCF he aids Alt. Tracy in defeating the Mystery Case Files so he can get his hands on Sam Winchester.
  • According to trachie17 Alt. Tracy was somewhat inspired by Lucifer. In MCF: The End

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