Lock, shock, and barrel

Lock Shock and Barrel otherwise known as Boogie's Boys as well are the trick-or-treaters and the secondary antagonists of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." they are normally loyal to their boss Oogie Boogie, but sometimes lend Jack a hand. In the end of the movie, they stay on Jack's side. Lock is a boy with pale skin, green hair, sharp teeth and a red devil costume and mask. Shock is a girl with green skin, sharp teeth and a purple witch costume. Barrel is a boy with green skin, a round head and a skeleton costume and he isn't seen without his orange/black lollipop. They are voiced by Paul Reubens(Lock), Cathrine O'Hara(Shock) and Danny Elfman(Barrel)


Lock, Shock and Barrel appear when the mayor was giving Christmas assignments to everyone in Halloween Town after Jack Skellington plans to take over Christmas. He tells them to find Santa Claus(which they say, "Sandy Claws") but also tells them not to let their boss Oogie Boogie know. They do the deed, but they accidentally get the Easter Bunny instead. Jack shows them the shape of the Christmas door and they go off and finally get Santa Claus. They bring him to Halloween Town where Jack tells him that he'll take over for him while he's on vacation. Lock, Shock and Barrel bring him to Oogie's hideout and push him down the chute where the jolly-red-suited man meets their boss. They laugh at their success. They don't appear again until the ending where Jack finally defeats their ex-boss and they show the mayor where he and Sally are before they take them back to Halloween Town while Santa(who is also free) leaves to fix the mess Jack did to the world. They are later seen playing snowballs with the other Halloween Town citizens.

In MCF stories, they are friends or enemies of the MCF depending on the situation. They also are very good friends of Jessy, despite them working for Oogie.


  • Their names are based on the phrase "Lock, Stock and Barrel."
  • Despite being reformed at the end of the movie, they sometimes appear as antagonists or neutral and working for Oogie, depending on the story.
  • In FanFiction, there is somewhat of a debate on whether or not the trio are actually siblings. In the MCF stories, they are considered siblings with Shock being the oldest and Barrel being the youngest
  • Catherine O'Hara, who plays Shock, also plays Sally. Danny Elfman, Barrel's actor, was Jack's singing voice and the composer of the movie.
  • They share a bond with Jessy as sons and daughter figures to her.
  • According to Jessy, anything that the trio does would end up in diaster and they would fight all the time.
  • Each trick-or treater has their own set of personality:
    • Lock is the assumed "leader" of the trio, over-confident and always wanting things his way. Like a boy, he is a big troublemaker, somewhat perverted, and always gets hit by Shock.
    • Shock is the oldest of the trio and the only girl of "Boogie's Boys". She tends to complain and order her brothers around, but in reality cares for them. She can be bossy, rude, and sickenly sweet when needed be. She seems to fight with Lock a lot.
    • Barrel is the youngest one of the trio, trying to break up Lock and Shock when they're fighting and always trying to do his best. Even though he is considered "dumb", he seems smarter than his siblings and at one point, Oogie calls him his "Star Pupil" in Oogie's Revenge. He can be sweet, cunning, and "cute" as far as Halloween standards go.


  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare (debut)
  • MCF: La Llorona
  • MCF: Key to the Path (flashback; minor appearence)