Lilo Pelekai is the main protagonist of Lilo and Stitch. She is a 9 year old girl(7 in the first movie) Hawaiin girl with no friends except for Stitch and her alien family and older sister Nani. She is into Elvis Presley, voodoo and sci-fi movies. In the MCF series, she is a good friend of the Rookies. She has black hair, and wears a red mummu with white leaf patterns. She is voiced by Daveigh Chase.


In the first movie, Lilo is first seen swimming with the fishes, literally as she has given Pudge the Fish a peanut butter sandwich
Lilo Hula
since Thursday's Sandwich Day. She realizes she's late for Hula Class and when she comes in wet, she explains it to Kumu, her Hula teacher. One student and Lilo's ex-friend, now rival, Mertle calls her crazy, Lilo beats her, biting her as well. She gets into trouble and has to wait for her older sister and new mother figure Nani. She goes off alone anyways, which angers her sister leading to a huge fight, after a interrogation by the social worker Cobra Bubbles who feels that Nani isn't responsible for Lilo and must take her to a foster family. Lilo and Nani make up and when a shooting star(really Experiment 626's spaceship) crashes, Lilo wishes for a friend. She and Nani go to the pet store to buy a dog. Lilo meets Experiment 626 whom she names Stitch and adopts him to be a friend. She takes him all over Hawaii and when Stitch causes a havoc to get Nani fired from her job at the luau, she reminds Nani of ohana to let him stay. Lilo, Nani and Stitch go out for the day at the beach(Nani to find a new job and Lilo to teach Stitch to be a model citizen.) Lilo almost drowns while surfing thanks to a fight Stitch had with his "father" Jumba and his assistant Pleakley, but is rescued by Nani and David, who rescue Stitch as well. Cobra sees this and decides that Lilo should be taken to a foster family. She watches Stitch leave. Lilo tells Nani this and when Nani leaves for a job interview, she leaves Lilo alone. She finds Stitch there, but there was a massive fight going on with Jumba, Stitch and Pleakley which leads Lilo to call Cobra, but Pleakley takes her away and Stitch and Jumba destroy the house. Cobra puts Lilo in the car just as Nani returns. Lilo runs away and meets up with Stitch who confesses to him that he's an alien. They get captured by Gantu, but Stitch escapes to warn a reformed Jumba and Pleakley as well as Nani. They rescue her and Lilo informs the Grand Council Woman that Stitch belongs to her. The Grand Council Woman allows Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley to live on Earth(the latter two by her saying "Dont' let them on my ship") and Lilo celebrates with her new found ohana.  

In teh series, she and Stitch find all of Stitch's cousins and find them good homes on Earth while in the series finale, they must stop Leroy, an evil experiment made by Hamsterviel.

MCF Stories

She makes her debut in "Mystery Case Files the Fanfiction" where she was formally one of the orphans at Emmy's Orphanage before she was found by her siblings. Even though an orphan, she lives with her sister, Jumbaa and Pleakley.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The First Mystery)


  • Lilo is just like Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Vanellope Von Shweetz in how they're girls with different interests, and they're the odd girl out. 
  • She was originally going to be Emmy's main Rookie, but later was changed to Raina's student Rookie instead.  
  • She is the fourth Disney heroine to pray; the others were Snow White, Esmerelda and Penny(the Rescuers)

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