Lila, Arnold's former crush curtsies in "Helga's Masquerade" and how she appears in Hey Arnold.

Lila Sawyer is a character on "Hey Arnold". She was one of Arnold's crushes on the show before it was revealed to be Helga. She is poor girl from a farming community who moved to the big city. She has auburn hair in two braids with two green bows, a green dress with a checkered blue shirt and gold cuff link on the chest and green shoes. She is voiced by Ashley Bucille.


Lila made her first appearance in the episode "Ms. Perfect." She is one of P.S. 118's "new kids". She's new to "The big city" having moved with her father from Pleasantville, a farming community.

Lila is, as Helga puts it, "little miss perfect". She's as smart as Phoebe, as stylish as Rhonda, and the most popular girl with the boys. At first, the other girls were jealous, but when they learned about her poor home life, they decided they could live with it.

Helga would later dislike Lila again in the episode "Arnold and Lila" even though it would be through her own making. Lila decided that she likes Arnold after finding "Arnold & Lila" written on an alley wall while walking home from school. Arnold himself would later like her back, however, Lila reveals she doesn't "like him like him".

In the episode "School Play," she is assigned the penultimate understudy, making her the last person Helga has to get through in order to play Juliet opposite Arnold as Romeo. However, all of her attempts to get Lila to quit fail. Lila suddenly begins to hint she knows why Helga wants to play Juliet, and says she would be willing to quit if Helga admitted she liked Arnold. Helga confesses her love for Arnold, and Lila willingly relinquishes the part. This makes Lila one of only four other people to know Helga's secret; the others being Dr. Bliss, Phoebe and possibly Brainy, and is possibly the biggest reason why she only "likes" Arnold.

Arnold would try very hard to impress her in each episode and it succeeds most of the time. In "Helga's Masquerade," she teaches Helga to be like her which ends in a disaster, but hears from Arnold when Helga's nice, he'll like her. In "Weird Cousin" she developed a crush on Arnold's autistic, dim cousin Arnie, despite what people say until he fell for Helga.

In the episode, "Timberly Loves Arnold," after Arnold gets turned down again by Lila, he finally decides that he is through with trying to get Lila to "like him, like him".

Lila did make an appearance in "Hey Arnold: The Movie" However, she did not play a huge role in the film. It was also unlikely that she would have made an appearance in "Hey Arnold, the Jungle Movie" as she was never mentioned in the any of the pre-production material

She debuts in "MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me" as one of Kira Finster's students who Samara teaches to learn about Do-Re-Mi. She later helps the MCF, Sylvia, Wander, Mordecai, Rigby, Bartok, Rocko and Heffer find Samara before Dr. Krank finds her.  

She returns in "RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong" where it is shown that she is part of The Music Troupe, taking the role of Torch Song except she has a bit more dialogue. It's also shown that she knows Trixie and Lilo, two of the Rookie Mystery Case Files


  • She doesn't like scary movies in "Weird Cousin"
  • She doesn't like the object of the game of bumper cars, loves turtles, Mexico is her favorite country, she's allergic to stuffed animals and can't swim as stated in "Love and Cheese".
  • It is also known that she gets sick on the rollercoasters in "Love and Cheese" and "Timberly Loves Arnold."
  • She's a really good singer, which was seen in the "Hey Arnold episode "Eugene Eugene", but seen in "MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me" and "RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong"
  • She uses ever so, I'm certain that" and "oh so" in her sentences
  • Lila is also one of the few characters that know Helga's secret obsessive crush on Arnold.
  • She has a country look alike in "Arnold Visits Arnie' named Lulu who is flirty and like-likes Arnold, even though she's Arnie's girlfriend.


  • MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me(debut)
  • RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong
  • JLXMB: The Jungle Adventure

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