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Life After Life

Life after Life is the Act 1 Finale to Frank Wildhorn's musical verison of Dracula. In the song, Lucy has died thanks to Dracula drinking her blood, therefore, she becomes a vampire herself and Dracula christens her as a vampire and sends her out to find blood to feast on. It will be used as a seduction song Smaug(in his human alter ego S. R Cumberbatch) tries to seduce Sunset into being his "queen under the mountain", before Sunset refuses after seeing through the song.

Lyrics Edit

DRACULA This is just the beginning, it isn't an end. This isn't a funeral, more of a christening. There's no need to wear black. This is just what I came here for, and the war has begun. I'm creating my dynasty, the dark side of the sun.

Life After Life, you won't need flowers on your grave. You won't need prayers, you have no mortal soul to save. No one should mourn, no one should ever shed a tear. The reward I am offering, shines brighter than Gold. Life After Life. You are only the spirit, the first of my kind. It's a matter of time before London belongs to us.

DRACULA & LUCY Every night someone new, every victim a midnight feast. They will fall one by one, and our empire will quickly grow. The Dark side of the Sun

Life After Life This is the prize I give to you. Find your new world, and see what damage you can do. Together we will prowl these quiet moonlit streets.

DRACULA Choose our prey carefully

DRACULA & LUCY And Let it begin

DRACULA Life After Life

Go and quench your new thirst, drink the blood of the innocent.

DRACULA & LUCY Those who are without sin, taste the sweetest of all.

Life After Life You(I) won't need flowers on your(my) grave. You(I) won't need prayers, you(I) have no mortal soul to save. Together we will prowl these quiet moonlit streets. Choose our prey carefully And Let it Begin.

Life After Life After Life After Life After Life

After Life After Life After Life After Life


Singers Edit

  • Lucy and Dracula(Dracula: the Musical)
  • Paulina and Valdronya(MCF: Return of Valdronya)

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