Laura Haruno is one of the main human characters of Hamtaro. She is Hamtaro's owner and is the focus of the series mostly. Laura has brown hair with two yellow barrettes and she wears various outfits depending on teh episode. She is voiced by Monica Stori


Laura moves into her new home with her father, mother and pets Hamtaro and Brandy. She makes new friends including her best friend Kana and her crush Travis. Not much is known  much about Laura, but she is one of the focuses of the episodes involving the Ham-Hams. 

In "Mystery Case FIles: The Fanfiction", she was the victim of an evil clown during a ballet recital when it caught fire. THe Mystery Case Files along with the RIo Gang and the Gargoyles to find out who murdered her. Her ghost appears to warn them to beware the murderer, who is revealed to be Yzma. When Yzma was defeated, her spirit can live in peace. 

It is unknown if she'll return, but it will be possible that she'll be ressurected. 


  • Mystery Case FIles: THe Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The Disappared Gargoyles)

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