La Llorna

La Llorna(aka The Weeping Woman) is the main antagonist of the GRIMM episode of the same name. She was inspired by a folk legend about a woman who drowned her three children because a man wouldn't love her, but realizing her mistake she cries and searches for children to drown in her children's place. She has brown hair, a flowign white dress and wrinkly skin with blood stains on her cheek and blood-shot eyes, but her other form consists of tan skin and tears. she was portrayed by Angela Alvarado Rosa.


She first appears crying in the river which catches the attention of Luis Alvarez and his son Rafael as they were fishing. While Luis goes into the water to rescue her, La Llorna had took off with Rafael. She takes him back to her hut and hypnotizes him with a song. She then is crying by a river where a girl named Kalli who was playing hide-and-seek. Kalli asks why is she crying but as she turns away, La Llorna spirits her away. She does the same thing to another little boy before 12 midnight. She takes them to the river and begs her children to return to her and presents the kids as a replacement, but she was stopped by Officer Nick, Officer Hank and Valentina Espinosa. Nick and La Llorna tussled until he strangles her. Nothing else happens except she sinks down to teh bottom never to be seen again. The kids are then free of the spell and taken back to their parents.

She is set to make a debut and only appearence in the MCF Halloween story of the same name where she appears to take Pinocchio, Kenny Tennyson and Lisa Simpson and drown them before the MCF, Tricia, Jiminy and their friends go to stop her.


  • MCF: La Llorna(debut; only appearence)

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