LaCienega Boulevardez is the Hispanic, snotty friend of Dijonay, Zoey and sometimes, Penny. She is wealthy, beautiful and the most popular girl in school. She appears in teh show "The Proud Family", but her first MCF appearence is "MCF: The Replacements." She is voiced by Alisia Reyes.


LaCienega is the frenemy of Penny Proud on the show. She is the vain, pampered, spoiled daughter of Felix and Sunset Boulevardez and Penny's across the street neighbor. In some episodes, she is Penny's rival, but in others, she's her friend, mostly because Dijonay is her friend too. She is also part of the group L.P.D.Z

LaCienega maybe a sweet girl to her parents, and a mean one to her friend Penny, she secretly wishes she's like Penny because she's down to earth, but she'll never show it because of her vanity and arrogancy.

In "MCF: The Replacements", she is one of teh hostages Discord captures for the MCF to find them and the museum jewels he stole. However, since they took the day off, Lilo, Mavis, Coraline, Guu, Audrey and Xero(who later beame the Rookie Mystery Case Files), took the job. LaCienega wasn't happy with this plan at first when Lilo rescued them with the help of Mole, Stitch and Buzzy, but she accepts it later after Lilo becomes discorded and about to give up, and she along with teh other hostages help Lilo and her friends restore their colors and defeat Discord.

It is unknown if she'll return in another mystery.


  • In the episode "Love Thy Neighbor", she has huge feet like a duck that makes her an excellent swimmer, making her win the Wizard Kelly Beauty Contest, though she has to wear water shoes at the beach or pool, however in some episodes, her feet are normal.
  • LaCienega's name means "The swamp" in spanish.


  • MCF: The Replacements(debut)

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