Kronker "Kronk" Pepikrankenitz is the foolish, muscular, timid henchman of Yzmaand later a supporting protagonist in Disney's 2000 feature film the Emperor's New Groove and its 2006-08 television series as an anti-hero when he once again works for Yzma even though he is not the villain any further and serves as the main protagonist of the film's 2005 sequel Kronk's New Groove. He is slender and handsome, muscular with shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, a long square chin, thick black eyebrows and medium skin. He is voiced by Patrick Warburton.

Bio Edit

The Emperor's New Groove Edit

Kronk is a hulking man who loves to cook and also has the ability to communicate with animals. Despite being Yzma's sidekick he isn't evil at all, as near the end of the movie, after finding out that Yzma hated his spinach puffs he is heartbroken and decides to put her fate in his hands as he cuts down a chandelier which lands on top of her, but Yzma survives because she is so thin it passed through her. Yzma then drops him in a trap door, but he later emerges alive and well when he opened a portal hole while finding his way out, accidentally crushing Yzma whom has turned into a cat. At the end of the film he recruits her to be a part of his squirrel scouts.

Kronk's New Groove Edit

In the sequel, Emperor Kuzco narrates the story about Kronk, now chef and Head Delivery Boy of Mudka's Meat Hut, is fretting over the upcoming visit of his father. Kronk's father always disapproved of young Kronk's culinary interests and wished that Kronk instead would settle down with a wife and a large house on a hill.

In a flashback, Kronk tells the story of how he almost had both of these. As unwitting accomplice to Yzma's plan to sell snake oil as a youth potion, he makes enough money to buy the old folks' home from the old folks and put his large new home there; but then when he realizes they've sold everything they own in return for something which doesn't work, he gives his home back to them.

Kronk, as camp counselor of the Junior Chipmunks at Camp Chippamunka he falls in love with fellow counselor Ms. Birdwell; but The Junior Chipmunks and Birdwell troops get Fed up with Kronk and Birdwells Power Tripping on Them. But when one of his Chipmunks pulls a prank to win the camp championships and is caught, Kronk protects the boy at the cost of alienating his love.

Kronk's father, Papi, arrives and confusion ensues as several supportive friends try to pass themselves off to him as Kronk's wife and kids. But in the end Kronk realizes that his wealth is in his friendships, and this finally wins his father's thumbs up and Miss Birdwell's love.

In the credits are shown the photos of their honeymoon, including in Paris, Pisa and Venice.

The Emperor's New School Edit

Kronk is once again as Yzma's partner and still Kuzco's friend despite carrying out Yzma's constant plans to drug Kuzco with a transformation potion. By the final episode, Kronk is appointed Kuzco's new advisor while Yzma becomes his helper. It has shown that despite having some amount of hatred towards her, Kronk values his position as Yzma's lackey in some degree as seen when she fired him on several occasions. He acts as Kuzco's sidekick often partaking in his harebrained schemes. When working to destroy Kuzco, Kronk's conscience often gets in the way. In the show, Kronk works at Mudka's Meat Hut most of the time as well. A running gag in the series involves Kronk forgetting Yzma is actually Principal Amzy in disguise. However, Kronk revealed in the show's finale "Graduation Groove" that he knew about three episodes prior to said episode and only pretended to forget. Friendship aside, Kuzco apparently sees Kronk as his inconstant rival as Kronk earns a lot of fame and glory as the school's star athlete and body builder.

MCF Stories Edit

Kronk was mentioned and seen briefly in "MCF: Wander's World Tour" as Wander visits Peru. In "MCF: The Time Bomb Again", he has a major role whre he helps Wander calm Sylvia down before her Time-Bomb state went off during the race. He later encourages both Wander and Sylvia to continue on with the race.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Wander's World Tour(debut; cameo)
  • MCF: The Time Bomb Again(Return)

Trivia Edit

  • Kronk is probably in his late 20's, as revealed in The Emperor's New Groove.
  • In the TV series, though thought to be dim-witted by Yzma and Kuzco, Kronk appears to be very smart.
  • Kronk's "puff" are actually empanadas, a typical dish from Latin America, especially among Latin American natives like Kronk and his friends. While Kronk made chicken and spinach empandas, empanadas can also be made with a mixture of ham and cheese, but by far the most popular empanadas are the ones with grounded beef. The word "puff" is used in the movie because it's the closest word in the English language to describe an empanada.
  • Kronk being a native Latin American supreme chef whose specialty are empanadas makes him similar to La Chacha, a character from the Argentinian comic books "Patoruzu" and "Patoruzito".
  • According to the book Disney Villains: The Secret Files, Yzma actually originally hired at least one large, dim-witted young man to serve as her minion (one of which is named Kandu) before hiring Kronk.
    • In the movie, it is revealed that Yzma hires a new minion once a decade.
  • In "MCF: The Time Bomb Again", he serves as a counseler type to Sylvia when she loses it. He also is secretly a fan of the Mystery Case Files as he secretly fangirls when Tricia arrives and collects trinkets, though Birdwell, his wife knows of this.

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