Kirika Kure is a character from the Madoka Magica spin off called Puella Magi Oriko Magica. She is also the main character of the spin off Noisy Citrine. Due to her not appearing in the anime, she does not have a voice actor.



Kirika in her magical girl form.

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Her first appearances is in the upcoming fanfic called MCF: The Way of a Magical Girl. Like in the manga, she will be close to Oriko through her role outside of that is unknown at the time.


  • Through a manga character, Kirika has appeared in one of the Madoka Magica video games called Madoka Magica Online.
  • When images of Kirika first surfaced, many fans thought she was Sayaka Miki.
  • Noisy Citrine, which focuses on Kirika, revealed that her soul gem is citrine-colored, thus the title.
  • Kirika and Oriko are exactly 121 days and 3 hours apart in age. Kirika is the younger of the two.
  • Like the other spin off characters, Kirika was originally not going to appear back when trachie171 was writing MCF: The Way of a Magical Girl. This changed once trachie171 give the story to angelthewingedcat so she could write it.

Appearances Edit

  • MCF: The Way of a Magical Girl (Debut)

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