King Gator

King Gator with Charlie

King Gator is a character from All Dogs Go to Heaven. He is a gator that lives in the New Orleans ocean/sewers and is the king of native tribe. He likes things with beautiful voices and likes to sing. He has a bone in his nose, pink lips and wears a lei and a can for a crown. He is voiced by Ken Page.


King Gator appears when Anne-Marie and Charlie are trapped in cages about to be fed to him as sacrifice. Gator was about to eat Charlie, but he uses his howl to stop him. Realizing that Charlie's a good singer, he makes him sing with him in a duet in order to let him pass to New Orleans singing "Let's Make Music Together". He lets Charlie and Anne-Marie ride on his belly and go to New Orleans to find Itchy. He later appears to save Charlie from being killed by Carface and in turn, eats Carface.

In "MCF: The Pets Take it All", when he was about to eat the MCF's pets as they go to rescue their owners and the RMCF from Meowrice, Mew uses her beautiful voice to soothe the beast. To Mew's shock and disgust, Gator falls in love with her, but she uses this to an advantages to help them


  • He is famous for 'inventing' The Big Lipped Alligator Moment, a song or event that's not suposed to take place with the story and isn't mentioned after it happens.
  • He is voiced by Ken Page, who also voices Jessy's suitor and MCF enemy Oogie Boogie from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."


  • MCF: The Pets Take it All(debut; upcoming)