King Alonzo

King Alonzo, Esperanza's father and the king of the Kingdom de Valientes.


King Alonzo is the ruler of the Kingdom de las Valientes and is Queen Manuella's husband, Princess Esperanza's father and Prince Salvador's father-in-law. LIke his daughter and son-in-law, he is an OC by Detective88. His debut is MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding. He is 'voiced' by James Earl Jones.


Alonzo first appears as he watches his daughter(who was 8 at the time) play with Buzzy. However, when Alonzo sensed danger and noticing Buzzy's broken wing getting better, he told Esperanza that she had to let Buzzy go and that it was time for her to practice her magic to protect the kingdom. However, he told Esperanza that Buzzy will be back. 9 years later, what he said came true as Buzzy and the MCF came for Esperanza and Salvador's wedding. Alonzo and Manuella had betrothed Salvador adn Esperanza, and quickly accepted him as a future son-in-law. However, Esperanza told them that 'Salvador' was behaving differently, though they rub it off as him having wedding nervous worries. Alonzo conducts the ceremony until he and everybody else find out from Buzzy adn teh MCF that the real Salvador is with them and they had escaped the dungeon, making the Salvador Esperanza was about to marry, Orochimaru reveal his true self. Alonzo and Manuella tried to stop it, but they were caught in Orochimaru's snakes and under hsi wrath. After Salvador and Esperanza's love defeated Orochimaru, Alonzo and Manuella apologize to the girls for doubting the MCF and Buzzy. As a reward, at Esperanza and Salvador's wedding, they let Buzzy as the ring bearer and the MCF as Esperanza's bridesmaids. Alonzo conducts the ceremony again, but this time Salvador adds, "Prince Sal or Salvador is fine." Alonzo takes this to heart and prounounces his daughter and Salvador husband and wife. He also thanks MCF and Buzzy for saving the real Salvador and returning him to the kingdom. He then tells Tracy that it was time for her Phantom BOOM trick.

It'll be unknown at this point that he and Manuella will return in another case.


  • Alonzo is voiced by James Earl Jones, who also voices Mufasa from "The Lion King". 
  • Like his family, Alonzo shows that he has a sense of humor. He laughs at a joke Buzzy told while he was still at the castle.


  • MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding(debut)

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