Kermit the Frog is the main character in the Muppet series. He is a green frog with a yellow collar on him. He is the show runner to the Muppet Show, hosting the segments in the show, though sometimes he's neurotic about it, he still cares for his friends. He was played by Jim Henson, then Steve Witmore.


He comes from the Swamps to be a hollywood star. From there he meets Miss Piggy(who has a crush on him), Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great and many others where they start the Muppet Show. Years later,  in "The Muppets", they split, but a new Muppet member Walter reunites them to save them from Tex Richman who want to destroy their theatre for oil. In "Muppets Most Wanted", he is taken to the Guglac after Constantine, his doppleganger puts a mole on him to make him look like him while he impersonates him. Kermit breaks out(with the help of Animal, Fozzie and Walter) to expose Constantine and save the other Muppets.

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In "MCF and the Muppet Mystery", he hears of Constantine breaking out for revenge on the Muppets, so he hires the MCF to protect them and keep an eye out for Constantine, but at the same time, with he and his gang fan of their adventures allows them to become guest stars on The Muppet Show.


  • In "MCF and the Muppet Mystery", it is revealed that he knows the MCF through the mysteries they done which is why he asks them to guest star in the Muppet Show.


  • MCF and the Muppet Mystery(Debut; upcoming)