Bellas Fourth guardian characer to hatch, however at first he was seperate from the other Guardian characters due to feeling neglete due do being uninvited from any mysterys from the MCF, it caused him to seperate from the group and become a X-Character.

But when Bella started to feel less Negleted and bonded, really close with the MCF and the others, it resparked the bonds shared and returend him back to Normal.

Kamen Rider Hyna Fourze represents Bellas desire to be a hero and to become her own Kamen Rider (not just shapeshifting/bonding with her Kamen Rider freinds). He is also a representation of Bellas bonds she has with her toon freinds (The hyna Squad), the MCF and many others outside of the hyna squad and Bellas inner cosmic shine and freindlyness to bond with others.


X-Character: As a X-Character, he looks like the Horoscope Zodiart Scorpion, however the stars on his body that make his constilation are Xs, he weares his cloak like a cape, and possesses dull grey eyes.

Normal Character

He pyhsically looks like Kamen Rider Fourze, only the white part of his suit is blue, covered in yellow stars and has on Amulet Dias outfit, but its tied on his neck like a cape. It is black and covered in constilations of the Kamen Rider symbols.


Kamen Rider Hyna FourzeEdit

His personality is similar to Gintaruos, open and always ready to make freinds with everyone. He can be at times dense, but has good instincts of character. Much like Dia, he can sense great radiance in people, and can tell even Bella and the MCF, and Rookie MCF as well as Angel has a deep power shine inside.

X Character Kamen Rider ScorpioEdit

Unlike his true self, as Kamen Rider Scorpio, he is cold and withdrawn, and actually is parasitic and hard on people, allowing them to have a taste of his power, before dumping them after they selfishly have a taste of his power. 


Has Kamen Rider Foruzes symbol on the band, and light blue and coverd in yellow stars.

Special PowersEdit

Like all Guardian characters, he can sense X-Eggs and X-Characters and other guardian characters. Besides these abilitys, he also possesses other abilitys such as being a connection to the hyna squad sleeping in Bella, and like Dia can sense the radiance in humans.

Character ChangeEdit

Bella gains a hairclip that looks like Fourzes symbol. When Character changing with Bella, she emits a cosmic aura shine that refixes the bonds with people, and make them happy and really connect with everyone.

Character Transformation (S)Edit

When he Character transforms with Bella, he becomes Kamen Rider Hyna

Appearance: Bella changes into Kamen Rider Fourze, and has on a sailor uniform that is light blue with little constilations on the skirt, and a bow with Fourzes symbol in the center gem. And a cosmic covered ribbon that reaches down to his waist, mimicing Amulet Dias own ribbons.


  1. Cosmic Buizer sword


As a rider of the cosmos and stars, all of Kamen Rider Hynas attacks are connected with the energy stars.

Kamen Rider Hyna users a mimic of the real Kamen Rider Fourzes Cosmic Buizer sword to help focus her power. With it she can use star attacks such as "Cosmic Sheilding" "Twinkle star shower", and "Cosmic purification" which purifies large groups of X-Eggs and X-Characters.