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Judge doom
 Judge Doom is the main antagonist of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" he is cruel, sinister and like his adversary Eddie Valiant, he hates toons, but unlike Eddie, who reforms his love for toons, Judge Doom is a man who hates toons with a passion. So much that he created a weapon to kill them: a liquid of acid which he calls "The Dip!" He is a man with yellow hair(under his black hat), a black robe, gloves and shoes and red eyes(under blue fake eyes) and he spoke in a high squeaky voice when revealed that he's the murderer of Eddie's brother Teddy. He is played by Christopher Lloyd.


Judge Doom first appears when he hears about the Acme Murder and agrees to decide to do away with Roger Rabbit. He introduces the people to his mooks, The Toon Patrol(Wise Guy, Greasy, Stupid, Wheezy and Psycho) and his invention for killing toons: the Dip. He sends the Toon Patrol to find Roger and kill him, but Eddie saves his life. Doom eventually finds Roger at teh bar where Eddie is and prepared to give him the Dip, but Eddie saves his life by having Roger drink a alcohol that makes him go nuts like a steamwhistle and break everything, saving him from Doom's grasp. He sends the Toon Patrol after them, but they failed on the account of Eddie and Roger escaping on Benny the Cab. When Eddie arrives in Toon Town to confront Roger's wife, Jessica Rabbit, thinking she's the murderer who recently killed her husband's studio manager R.K. Maroon, she tells him the truth: it was Judge Doom who was the murderer. She also explained that she followed him to the studio, but it was too late. They ride on Benny out of Toon Town, but Doom dips Benny's wheels causing Eddie and Jessica to fall out of the car allowing Doom to capture them. He takes them to the Acme Factory where he shows them the Dip Machine and also his evil plan to wipe Toon Town from existance in order to build a freeway. Roger was in time to save the day, but he and Jessica end up getting tied up. Doom fights Eddie after he successfully gets the weasels to laugh themselves to death(literally) and stopping the Dip machine. The machine crushes Doom when he gets stuck with some glue onto the wheel. There, he reveals that he's a toon by getting up(still flattened), then pumping himself with air while his fake eyes pop off reavealing his red eyes and talked in a squeaky voice to a shocked Eddie, "Remember me, Eddie? When I killed your brother I talked JUST...LIKE...THIS!" he fights Eddie and prepares to kill him, but Eddie uses a cartoon mallet punching-glove gag to punch the knob sending Dip flying onto Doom melting him for good.  

In "MCF and the Warner Mystery", he is the villain that Daisy, Tracy and Raina have to protect the Warner Siblings Yakko Wakko and Dot from.


  • Judge Doom was probably the inspiration for King Candy from the 2012 Disney Movie "Wreck-it-Ralph."
  • He hates toons, but ironically enough, he is a toon
  • His last words "I'm Melting" was taken from "The Wizard of Oz" where the Wicked Witch of the West said the same thing when she was liquified by water.
  • According to an old comic, his real name is Baron Von Rotten, a toon who played the bad guy.
  • In the TV show "Bonkers", the Collector is simular to Doom, but it's revealiation that's the other way around.
  • Both Bella and the hyna squad marked what Doom had done as taboo, which is kill a human, since to them a toons purpose is to make humans laugh and entertain them.
  • Judge Doom personally dispises Bella due to her similarity with Eddie Valient, both due to her love of cartoons of all shapes and sizes, be them good guys or bad guys and her defiance against the law and people at times.


  • MCF and the Warner Case(debut)

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