Jose "Joe" Carioca as he appears in "The Three Caballeros"

Jose 'Joe' Carioca is a Disney movie character. He is Donald's 'amigo' from Rio De Janero, Brazil, South America. He first appears in "Saludos Amigos" in the last segment "Aquarlea do Brazil" and then later in "The Three Caballeros." Jose is a green parrot with blue tail tips, a yellow beak and feet, and he wears a yellow jacket, a straw hat and green pants. He was voiced initially by Jose Oliveria, but then by Rob Paulson.


In his debut appearance, Jose was drawn onto a canvas where Donald Duck was working. He introduced himself and offered a tour of his country in Portuguese, but Donald couldn't understand him. He finally said, in English, "Or as you Americans say, let's go see the town." They go all over the town and become fast friends.

Jose returns in "The Three Caballeros" where he appears in a pop-up book of Brazil and takes Donald to Bahia where they have a grand time. They grow big again and they meet Panchito Pistoles, a new friend from Mexico who founds the famous "Three Caballeros." Jose and Panchito do a bullfight at the end (with Donald inside the bull) and  Jose lights fireworks with his cigar. The three (after Donald fights off the bull) watch the fireworks.

In Melody Time, Jose and Donald have no speaking parts, but in the segment, "Blame it on the Samba", they are feeling (and literally are) blue, so the Aracuan Bird cheers them up with a taste of the samba.

He returns in the Mickey Mouse shorts on occasion and "House of Mouse".

He'll make his first appearence in "MCF: Up the Amazon" where he helps the MCF save Cedric from Sylvia the Snake Queen. He is also Raina's PPBFF(Pen Pal Best Friend Forever).


  • Jose and Raina seem to be really good friends, since he partially taught her Spanish and do the Samba.
  • In the upcoming "MCF and the Caballero Mystery", he'll know about Tracy and Tricia's rivalry. Later, he knew about Tricia's reformation.
  • In a future story, it is revealed he and Panchito knew of the MCF's biological parents, but they don't tell Raina about this.


  • MCF: Up the Amazon(debut)
  • MCF and the Caballero Mystery(upcoming)