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Join Us

Join Us is a song from Evil Dead. In the song, Cheryl tries to get Ash to join the evil side and become died. It is used in MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls.


Cheryl: Why don't you just accept your fate and join us Ashly? Join us!

Don't you wanna join the crew,

You'll be dead and evil too!

The coolest thing to do is to join us.

You're like sucks you know,

Working S-Mart's gotta blow,

Don't be sush a f***ing shmo! And Join Us!

You'll be dead with no remorse

And be hung like a horse

You can even bang a corpse if you join us!

Just imagine all the fun if to evil you succumb,

So just lay down that big gun and join our dark army of evil Candarian demons a

As we conquer this land and take over each and ever soul of the living

Ash: Ahh! Ahh!

No, I'm never going to join you, never!

Cheryl: What's the problem Ash?

Don't you want to look beautiful like me?

Ash: Please! I'd rather look like this moose! Ahh!

Moose: Why Thank you!

Ash: Ahh! The Dead Moose!

Moose: Actually i'm an candarian demon moose

And i'm here to tell you all about the fun and excitment

You'll expereance if you take up on our offer and join us!

Can't you see we'll have a scream?

Evil's funnier then it seems!

You'll play on our softball team if you join us!

Other demons: Join Us!

Moose: We'll organize a big pub brawl

And spend sundays at the mall if you join us!

Other demons: Join us!

Cheryl: You can speak our evil slang even grow some evil fangs,

You'll score some evil tang if you join us!

Moose: Bing evil is devine, you'll be dead but so refined!

Party like it's '99, if you join our evil forces as we enslave all mankind

Chew on their tiny brains and bathe in their hot broiling blood.

Ash: Ahh! Aah! All of you shut up!

Especilly you moose, shut up!

Cheryl and Moose: You can try to take a stand but we have got your hand!

Ash: What are you talking about?

Cheryl and Moose: It's not quite as we've planned but now we've got your hand!

Ash: Why do you keep saying that?

Cheryl and Moose: We've got your hand!

Yes it's true we've got your hand.

Yes we finally got your hand to join us!

Ash: What;s that? You got my hand to join you?

Oh yeah? No you don't! W

Why do you keep saying that you got my hand to join you, huh?

Why do you keep saying that? AHH!

Cheryl: We've got your hand! We've got your hand!

Ash:Give me back my hand! Give me back my hand! (Gets a chainsaw and uses it) Whoes laughing now hey? Whoes laughing now?!

Join Us (MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls)Edit

The lyric changes for the song will be coming soon.


  • Cheryl, Ash, and the demons (Evil Dead)
  • Ellen, Alfred, the cat, (In Cheryl and the demonds rolls) either Viola, and Dio or Daxter and Breezie (In Ash's role) (MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls)


  • Like 'What the F*** Was That?' trachie17 had suggested the song to angelthewingedcat to use in the story.
  • If Viola and Dio are used in Ash's part then this would be the only song where the main RPG characters in the story sing together at the moment. This may change however, once the story is posted.
  • The lyrics will also be used to be more kid friendly in the MCF story it is being used in.

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