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Joaquin Mondragon

Joaquin Mondragon is the triagonist of The Book of Life who is Manolo's best friend and sometimes rival. He is a soldier who also vies for Maria's hand, but she prefers to be with Manolo and accepts Joaquin as a friend despite her father pressuring her into marrying him. He has brown hair, a mustache, goatee, a blue shirt with black cuffs, shoulder pads, cape and sword straps, white pants and brown pants; he's voiced by Channing Tatum.

Bio Edit

Joaquin is first seen in the movie as a young child with two of his best friends, Maria and Manolo. Both Manolo and Joaquin try to impress Maria to win her love, with Manolo playing his guitar while Joaquin relies on his strength, and persistence in becoming just like his father, Captain Mondragon. When Manolo and Maria are called by their fathers, Joaquin is left alone. He heads to his fathers' statue, and questions Manolo giving bread to La Meurte, disguised as a human. Joaquin then hears a noise from a building adjacent to the statue. When he enters the archway, he is greeted by Xibalba, who has disguised himself as an old man. He asks if he can have some bread, but Joaquin states that the bread is for his father. When he is offered a medal as a trade, he believes it's an old medal, but when Xibalba reveals that whoever wears the medal cannot be hurt, Joaquin accepts the trade, and hands over the bread. Xibalba warns Joaquin about a bandit that will stop at nothing to get the medal back. He realizes it could be Chakal, but when he looks for the old man, he is nowhere to be seen.

As he grows up, he and Manolo compete for Maria's attention, but Maria falls deeper for Manolo. When Manolo thinks Maria was killed by a snake, Joaquin says that "it should've been you". He then kisses Maria awake as one snake bite only puts them in deep slumber while two kills them. Maria is sad for Manolo's death, but her father persaudes her to marry Joaquin so he can stay in town. Maria reluctantly agrees. During teh wedding however, Chakal enters for the medal. Luckily, Manolo, alive again helps his friends and the town take down Chakal, not before Manolo gives Joaquin the Medal of Everlasting Life to save him, and though it meant for him, losing an eye. Joaquin gives the medal back to Xibalba and allows Maria to be with Manolo, as Joaquin learns that to be a true hero, you must be selfless.

MCF Stories Edit

Joaquin appears in "MCF and the Book of Life" where he forms a bond with the MCF's boyfriends and is a friend to them.

In Season 6, he forms a friendship with Darkwing Duck and Westley and they become The Star Hero Trio.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF and the Book of Life(Debut)

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