Jimmy the Genie is an OC by Detective88. He is a wacky genie who becomes Westley's Genie after he rubs

Jimmy the Genie

the lamp in "MCF: I Ain't Genieing Around." Jimmy has dark skin, dark black hair and beard, blue eyes, a pink shirt with buttons on it, gold cuffs and a purple whisp. When free, he gains a purple pants with buttons and gold shoes. He is voiced by James Monroe Iglehart.

Bio Edit

Jimmy is a genie that Westley becomes master of in the MCF story "MCF: I Ain't Genieing Around". In the story, he has spent at least 9,000 years in his lamp(1 year earlier than Genie's time in his lamp and 7 less than Eden's time in the bottle). His lamp was among dozens of treasure that pirates buried in a landspot which unknowingly was a sinkhole that leads to a cavern where the treasure is stored. Unfortunately, the pirates didn't know that. Years later, when Westley and his Earth "friends" Daring, Chris and Nick unknowingly stumble upon the booby trap, they discover the cavern and Westley unleashes Jimmy who grants him three wishes as long as they apply to the genie rules.  More will be revealed when the story is typed

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: I Ain't Genieing Around(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • Jimmy's favorite snack is chilli fries as shown in the beginning of the story
  • Jimmy revealed to have spent 9,000 years in the lamp.

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