Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is the deuragonist of Pinocchio and he's known as Pinocchio's conscience and a cricket prior to his surname. He is jolly and go-lucky, but he always tries to keep Pinocchio on the straight and narrow path. He is a green humanodi cricket with a blue top hat with a orange stripe, a orange vest, yellow tie and white shirt under a black jacket, tan pants and yellow/blue shoes. He was voiced by Cliff Edwards, then by Eddie Carol, then by Phil Snyder.


Jiminy Cricket appears singing "When You Wish Upon a Star" before beginning the narration. It was a true story because he experienced it. He was poor at the time and needed to find a place to stay the night he went to stay at Gepetto's workshop and saw him finish up the puppet which will be named Pinocchio. As he tucks himself in, he is awakened by Geppetto's clocks which annoy him to the point where he had to shut them up. Jiminy looks and sees the Blue Fairy appear and bring Pinocchio to life. Once Pinocchio asks "what's a conscience?" Jiminy arrives to explain, but Pinocchio asks him if he was his concience. Jiminy was hesitant until the blue Fairy offered him the job, to which he accepts. She knights him as Sir Jiminy Cricket and appoints him official consicience. Jiminy tells him about the dangers of temptation and that anytime he needs him, just whistle. They do "Give a Little Whistle" right before Pinocchio accidentally awakens and reveals himself to Gepetto. After the misunderstanding, a celebration and an accident, they all head to bed. Jiminy rushes to help Pinocchio get to school, but instead, he sees him going with John Worthington "Honest John" Foulfellow and Gideon. Jiminy tries to have Pinocchio tell them that he's going to the school and thank him for the offer of going to the theatre, but Pinocchio doesn't listen. He appears and sees Pinocchio's show a success and decides to leave. He goes to wish him luck but finds out that the puppet show owner Stromboli has decided to keep him locked in a cage in order to be a tourist attraction. Jiminy tried to break him out, but failed because of the lock. He got involved in Pinocchio's lies to the Blue Fairy, but he asked for a second chance, which teh Blue Fairy accepts. She disappears, shrinking Pinocchio's nose and opening the cage, giving them a way to escape. Jiminy and Pinocchio race home, but Pinocchio is led astray by Honest John and Gideon again, this time going to Pleasure Island, a place where boys were to have fun. Jiminy runs along after them again, but after seeing Pinocchio with a boy named Lampwick, Jiminy storms off. That is until he sees a bunch of boys being turned into donkeys by making jack***** of themselves. He witnessed taht Pinocchio saw Lampwick's transformation and they get off the island before his transformation is complete. They swim back home where they find that Gepetto is gone.  A dove(the Blue Fairy) gives them a letter saying that Gepetto went looking for them and he was swallowed by Monstro the Whale. With Pinocchio, Jiminy follows him to the ocean and they go to find Monstro, who swallows Pinocchio. While Pinocchio and his father are having a reunion, Jiminy tries to get into the whale with no success until he finally tries to get in, but he ends up joining Pinocchio and Gepetto's escape plan from Monstro. Once they arrive on shore, they all see Pinocchio's lifeless body and take him home for mourning before the Blue Fairy comes and revives Pinocchio/makes him a real boy much to everyone's happiness. Jiminy, knowing his work is done, goes outside and thanks the Blue Fairy before she gives him a badge that says "Official Consicence."

He makes several hosts on educational videos like "I'm No Fool..." and "You and your..." and on House of Mouse.

He is set to debut in "MCF: La Llorona," where after Pinocchio gets abducted by La Llorona, he teams up with the MCF in order to get him back.


  • Even though he created him, Ward Kimball, his creator thought that he was like a green blob.
  • He is one of the most popular characters of the movie. He appeared in more media than ever imagined


  • MCF: La Llorona(debut)