Jim Crow and his Brothers

The Crows from left to right: Lil' Urle, Tyrone, Jim Crow, Reverend Zachariah and Big Daddy Lou

Jim Crow and his brothers are first seen in the movie "Dumbo." they are wise-aleck crows who like to joke around, but when they hear of Dumbo's story, they soften up and become mentors to him teaching him about the use of "the magic feather." The leader, Jim crow has a sriped cravt over a blue vest, a brown bowler hat, lavender spats, and usually carries a cigar. The second, Reverend Zachariah wears a gray vest and flat hat and glasses. The third, Lil' Urle, the youngest has pink glasses, a blue hat and a red sweater. The fourth Big Daddy Lou is a fat crow with a magenta vest and a blue hat. The final crow, Tyrone has a flat straw hat and a blue/magenta striped shirt. Cliff Edwards voices Jim Crow, James Baskett voices Big Dady Lou, Jim Carmichael voices both Lil' Urle and Tyrone and Hall Johnson voiced Reverend Zachariah


In Dumbo, The crows first appear in the woods where they spot Dumbo and Timothysleeping in a tree. The crows are utterly confused at the site, and so their leader, Jim Crow, flies down to investigate. Jim Crow wakes up Timothy with his smoking. The minute Timothy mentions pink elephants, Jim and the crows begin to laugh about this; even when Timothy asks them "what they're dping down here" and "to fly back up a tree where they belong. When Jim says: "Hey, look here there, Brother Rat...", Timothy gets up angry and quotes he ain't his brother and no rat to which Jim replies: "Oh. And I suppose you and no elephant ain't up in no tree either?" Timothy replies that him and no tree... until he finds out the truth for himself. Timothy and Dumbo awaken, and Dumbo's panic at being in the tree causes the two to fall out of the tree, landing in a puddle. The crows laugh as Timothy and Dumbo walk away. As Timothy, thinking out loud, wonders how they ended up in the tree, Jim Crow then playfully suggest they flew.

After a moment of thought, Timothy believes it and realizes that Dumbo's ears were perfect for flight. The crows laugh at this and start to sing the show stopper, "When I See an Elephant Fly". After the musical number and continuous laughter, Timothy gets angered and decides to give them a lecture of Dumbo's background and sad story.

The crows immediately start crying, regret their mockery, start to have sympathy for the two, and apologize to them; explaining that they had seen the light. Jim Crow then explains that they will help Dumbo learn how to fly. Jim whispers to Timothy that the plan involves psychology. Gathering with the crows, Jim and Timothy form a plan that involves Timothy being given a feather from Glasses Crow. Timothy gives the feather to Dumbo, calling it a "magic feather" that will allow Dumbo to fly; in reality, it is merely a token to encourage and increase Dumbo's confidence.

The crows take Dumbo to a nearby cliff, where he attempts to take off. After the dust clears, the crows realize that Dumbo is actually flying and excitedly proclaim that they've seen everything, thus, singing a reprise of their song, When I See an Elephant Fly. The crows see Dumbo back to the circus and talk about how surprised the people will be to see Dumbo.

Afterwards, Dumbo becomes famous as a result of his flying skills. The crows are later seen singing a final reprise of "When I See an Elephant Fly" and flying with Dumbo, who is flying to a private train car that houses him and his mother (who was in solitary confinement earlier in the film and is now free after Dumbo's fame). The crows wave good-bye to Dumbo and wish him the best; with Jim Crow remarking that he never got his autograph until Fat Crow assures him that he himself got his autograph to which Jim joyfully replies to Dumbo: "Well, so long glamour boy!"

They are set to make an appearence in "MCF: A Lost Wander" where they help the MCF and Sylvia find Wander inside the cursed hotel.


  • Their names weren't in the script, but the lead was named Jim Crows, which is now politically incorrect because of the association of the laws called the Jim Crow laws during the 1800s-1940s.
  • The names of the other crows, Tyrone, Reverend Zachariah, Big Daddy Lou and Lil' Urle were named by a person on DeviantArt named KessieLou as stated by Detective88.
  • As mentioned by Jim in "A Lost Wander", he can't tell time by the old grandfather clocks and that Buzzy the Crow is his cousin. 
  • They refer to themselsves as brother as a reference to life time friends. 


  • MCF: A Lost Wander(debut)

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