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Jessica 'Jessy' Maza Krelborn

 Subuku no Jess A.K.A. Jessica "Jessy" Krelborn Maza is the eater of the MCF girls and has a very popular hyde monster known as Oogiejess Hyde.


Her birth mother is Eliza Maza, who didn't know how to tell the soon-to-be father Goliath the gargoyle she was expecting a baby, so she kept it a secret. But before she got the chance to tell Goliath the big news, Jafar attacked the mystery group she was a member to and nearly killed her daughter, forcing her to let Emmy's mother seperate her baby from herself where she landed in the care of Seymour and Audrey Krelborn. 


OogieJess was created by Jessy who was a big fan of vore and devoted her OC to such. She is also Emmy's Best friend and 'mother' figure who loves to eat her constintly. She also calls Emmy an affectionete pet name 'Little Supper' OogieJess can be turned into by Jessy only by drinking a Hyde Formula or by having say "Abacadabra." To turn back
Oogiejess hyde by mjsmoothcriminal999-d5nnflj

OogieJess Hyde

into Jessy, OogieJess either has to say, "Hocus Pocus" or it just wears off. She eats Emmy most of the time, but she also eats villains and on occasions her friend Raina and her boyfriend Aaron "Kou" who also has a monster form, BoogieTeen4. Although OogieJess is both genders, she's is mostly referred to as female.


Since she first appeared Jessy had worn various different outfits in many appearences her most reconigzeable appearence an average-sized 18-year-old girl with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a black t-shirt, red pants, green sneakers, purple jacket, and red baseball cap on.

Alternate Outfit: An over-sized burgundy red t-shirt, black jeans, white/blue sneakers, a light lavender jacket, and a bright red baseball cap.

As OogieJess she also has many different appearences as well. His/Her's normal outfit is an 11 foot tall (or giant) green burlap sack of bugs with eyes and a mouth. On his/her skin, the initials "SNJ" were stitched around his upper body (or on his/her arm). The figure seemed to resemble Oogie Boogie, the evil boogeyman. He/She has Oogie's voice and Jessy's voice mixed together.

Clothing: Jessy's red baseball cap backwards and Jessy's purple jacket

Alternate Outfit: A red leather jacket, black fedora, black cross necklace, and two swords behind his/her back


  • When in human form her voice is Vyvan Pham who plays Julie Yamamoto in Ben 10 but in OogieJess mode she is 'voiced' by Ken Page (Oogie Boogie) and Vyvan Pham.
  • In a running gag done by Jessy and Tracy in Penguins of Madagascar parodies she does the role of Private and like Private in MCF cases whenever she says something that Tracy does not like. Like Skipper to Private, Jessy recieves a whack on the head by Tracy.
  • Jessy Krelborn had made her first appearence in fanfiction in a parody of Space Jam while her first MCF fanfic was in Emmydisney17's Mystery Case Files The Fanfiction.
  • Jessy is the leader of a group of monsters called "The Vore Gang" which is also run by Oogie Boogie(her suitor), Audrey II/Twoey(her pet plant) and Shukaku(her friend Gaara's monster form). The group first appears in "SNJ's Cedrango."
  • In most stories, Jessy is considered the hyperactive one of the group due to her hyperstate, which occurs whenever she sees a giant monster.
  • Jessy in OogieJess form has been in many cases and stories, her being one of the most favorite predators in the stories.
  • According to Discord, Jessy represents the Protection of the Mystery Case Files, doing whatever it takes to protect her friends.

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