Jasmine Nolan

Jasmine Nolan is a character from "American Dragon: Jake Long." She is one of Jake's friends who went with him to the school dance so that way he'll have a chance with Rose who is Jake's love-interest then girlfriend. She has one problem: At night she turns ntio a nyx. In MCF stories, she starts to date Daisuke, the son of Sasuke and Daisy. She has long raven hair, a beauty mark on her cheek and a red dress with no sleeves and shoes. She is voiced by Lacey Chabert.


Jasmine first appears at the marketplace as Jake tells her hsi problem and Jasmine offers to help him out during the dance, on the condition that she be home at 10: 23. We don't know that yet until later on where she has red eye in every single picture. Jasmine becomes the life of the party with Brad getting a crush on her, making him dump Rose, giving Jake his chance to be with her. Once the moon rises, Jasmine starts to growl with red eyes. In counterpoint to her sweetness, Jasmine turns out to be a magical soul-sucking creature knows as a Nix, in which form has a serpent tail instead of legs, scaly green
Jasmine Nolan as a Nyx
skin, sharp claws, fangs, a set of black wings, and glowing red eyes. Jasmine transforms only when the moon reaches the center of the night sky and for the rest of the night until the moon sets, turning back to human form.

During Jake's party, although she did attempt to leave before she would change, Jasmine morphed into Nix form and instinctively proceeded to sucks the souls out of the entire student body. She then engaged in a fight with Jake, who managed to defeat her with his incredibly smelly Dragon breath. The souls were returned to their rightful bodies –except for Spud and Trixie– before Jasmine was taken care of by Lao-Shi and Fu Dog until moon-set, when Jake eventually escorting her home as she apologized profusely for the trouble.

In the Next Generation MCF, she is dating Daisuke, Miho and Jodie's younger brother. We dont' know how they met, but Jasmine thinks Daisuke is a sweetheart.


  • She and Daisuke's falling-in-love maybe simular to "Beauty and the Beat" and "The Little Mermaid" in which the protagonist falls in love with a creature who is different than they are, but they love them for who they are.
  • Her Birthday is either September or October 1990.

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