Jafar as he appears in the Kingdom Hearts games

Jafar is the main antagonist of Aladdin. He was the Sultan's Grand Vizer who wanted to control all of Agrabah. He is a cruel and manipulative man who wanted power. He has brown eyes and a goatee, wears a turban with a red feather on it, a black/red suit with gold Arabian shoes, a red/black cape and he carries a snake staff. In the Mystery Case Files, he was the villain who started everything the girls went through in their lives from the time they were born til the time they were teens and became a team. He is voiced by Jonathan Freeman.


In the movie, Jafar was trying to figure out a way to get the lamp out of the Cave of Wonders. He tries getting a thief named Gazeem to get it, but according to the cave, Gazeem couldn't get in because only a man pure of heart or "a diamond in the rough" will enter. Jafar orders Gazeem to go on, but just as Gazeem could step in, the cave chomps down and sinks him down. Thinking of a different way, Jafar hypnotizes the Sultan into giving him the Mystic Blue Diamond. Jafar uses it along with the Sands of Time to show him who could enter the Cave of Wonders. The sands of Time showed him the boy who would do the job...a peasant boy named Aladdin. Jafar has the guards arrest Aladdin, so he can take him to the CAve of Wonders. He disguises himself as an old man and coaxes Aladdin to take him to the CAve of Wonders to which Aladdin agrees. He tells him once the CAve enters for him to bring him the lamp. A while later, as the cave is collapsing, Jafar grabs the lamp instead of helpign Aladdin and prepares to kill him, but Abu, Aladdin's pet monkey bites his hand, making him let go of Aladdin and Jafar throws him into the cave just as it closes. Jafar removes his disguise and looks to see that the lamp was gone. The next day, Jafar is confronted by the Sultan who was told by Jasmine that he killed a boy in the market(Aladdin). Jasmine warns Jafar that once she is Queen, she'll punish him. Jafar is mad that he didnt' get the lamp, however, his parrot Iago, tells him that Jafar could marry Jasmine and then he kills her and her father so he can have the throne for himself. Jafar takes the idea and hypnotizes the Sultan to order Jasmine to marry him(Not before reading a new idea for the law which the Sultan disagrees to). They hear a parade outside and see it for it was the arrival of Prince Ali Ababwa(Aladdin from his first wish from Genie). Jafar gets jealous and suspicious of the "prince" that after Aladdin and Jasmine have their date, he has the guards chain him and throw him overboard. He succeeds in hypnotizing the Sultan to marry Jasmine, much to her disgust. He forgot to realize that Aladdin was over there listening in, for he used his second wish to free himself. Aladdin demands Jafar to tell the truth, but Jafar uses his staff again. Aladdin grabs the staff and breaks it, freeing the Sultan from his hypnosis. Jafar tries to explain, but the Sultan orders his guards to arrest him. Jafar takes a vial and disappears back to his lair where he tells Iago Prince Ali is really Aladdin becuase he saw the lamp in Aladdin's turban. He orders Iago to get it for him and then uses Genie to grant him his wish as Sultan during Aladdin and Jasmine's engagement announcement. When Jasmine and the Sultan refuses to bow to him, Jafar wishes to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Jafar uses his power to force Jasmine and the Sultan to bow to him, turn Rajah(Jamine's pet tiger) into a kitty and removes Aladdin's Prince Ali's disguise revealing him to Jasmine before sending him, Abu and Carpet to the Ends of the Earth. Jafar, now taken over the palace, forces Jasmine to be his slave girl and the Sultan into a puppet for Iago to feed crackers too. Jafar offers Jasmine a crown and to be his queen, but Jasmine refuses. Jafar gets mad and prepares to hit her, but instead orders Genie to grant his final wish: make Jasmine fall in love with him. Genie explains that he can't do that for that's Rule #2. Just then, both hear Jasmine seductively putting the crown on her. Unknown to the sorcerer, Aladdin is alive and in the palace and Jasmine is just distracting him so Aladdin can get the lamp. However, he figures out the ruse from seeing Aladdin's reflection on Jasmine's crown. He traps Jasmine in an hourglass, turns Abu into a toy, turns Carpet into a ball of yarn traps Aladdin in a cage of sword and sets the swords on fire. When being called a snake by Aladdin, he transforms into a snake and continues to fight the hero. Just when he has him in his grasp, Aladdin tricks Jafar into wishing he was a genie. This plan however makes Jafar bound to his own lamp trapping him and Iago. Jafar and Iago are then sent to the Cave of Wonders by Genie.
Snake jafar

Jafar as a snake

In the Return of Jafar, he escapse from his lamp by a thief named Abis Mal who grants his two wishes. This was part of Jafar's plan so he can get him back to Agrabah for revenge on Aladdin. He forces Iago, who was starting to join on Aladdin's side after he saved his life, back onto his side and frame Aladdin for killing the Sultan(which of course Jafar slashed the Sultan's turban) and have him dead. Jafar was about to celebrate his success, when Aladdin steps in and he, Jasmine, Genie, Carpet and Abu fight him. Iago betrays Jafar and saves his new friends by kicking Jafar's lamp into a lava pool killing him.
Genie jafar

Jafar in his Genie form as seen in the first movie

MCF Stories Edit

In the MCF series, he was the reason the MCF were separated at birth and were adopted into different families(except Starz, who kinda grew up on her own before finding out early about her biological families except her mother and Emmy, who was in an orphanage). He sent various villains to deal with the girls but in the series finale to "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" he was defeated during a battle with Emmy that sacrificed her and killed Jafar.

He was mentioned throughout the Mystery Case Files cases rarely nowadays, but there could be a chance he might rise from his grave to seek vengeance which happens in "MCF: Another Arabian Adventure" after Angela tricks Aladdin and the Babylon Brothers to head to the Cave of Wonders and read the inscription to ressurrect him. He then destroys the inscription which means the MCF and their friends must find it in time


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut; all episodes)
  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(mentioned)
  • MCF and the Pony Mystery(mentioned)
  • MCF: Another Arabian Adventure (Return)

Trivia Edit

  • Jafar means stream in Arabic.
  • Jafar is simular to Maleficent in different ways; some fans consider Jafar and Maleficent to be the best Disney villain Couple.
  • Jafar is one of the few Disney villains to lust over the female protagonist.
  • The only MCF member he doesn't know too much is Daisy since Daisy joined since "MCF: On Black Isle."
  • According to him in "MCF: Another Arabian Adventure", that he treats Angela as if she is his own daughter. Ironically, in a Families Reunited at Last episode, he adopts her as hsi own apprentice, but his bond with her is like father and daughter.