Jackson and Holt

Jackson Jekyll(left) and Holt Hyde(Right)

Jackson Jekyll is a character from Monster High and the Normie at the school, however he has a secret: he changes into Holt Hyde, a rocking DJ at the school. He is friends with the Monsters at the school and is very friendly, but also LOUD in his Holt form. In his Jackson form, he has peach skin, black hair, a yellow shirt, grene pants and a checkered vest with glasses. Holt has blue skin, a black/white shirt, blue pants, a red jacket and flamey hair. They're both voiced by Cindy Robinson.


In the cartoon, Jackson seems much wary around monsters, most likely due to being bullied at school for being a "normie". He even went as far as to say that he "didn't belong", and that no one would want him at Cleo's party in the webisode "Hyde and Shriek". While the Monster High students are unaware of Jackson's/Holt's dual nature, older monsters can apparently sense his duality. This is evident in Draculaura's Basic diary when she overhears a conversation between her father and Jackson, where Jackson makes a light joke about stakes. Her father later cryptically tells her that Jackson is more than he appears.

Throughout each storyline, Holt and Jackson have no control over their transformations and change from one into the other under specific circumstances. In the cartoon series, it seems to be music that causes Holt/Jackson's transformation.

Holt is a DJ, so he's very social and into promoting his music. He admits that he is "hot-headed" and can have a bit of a temper.He also mentions in his profile that he has short term memory loss.

He is first seen the last episode of "Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction" called "Predator Mysteries" where he is on Predator Island along with a few other people before they, along with the MCF and the Predators defeat Jafar, the man responsible for the MCF's seperation from their parents once and for all.

He then returns in "MCF: A Musical Nightmare" where he works at the Cartoon Town Mall and is a good friend of Jessy. His Holt form appears at an island an is in in a band with Marshall Lee and Wormy. Jessy, having lost her memories from Mafiafas teams up with them and Emmy asks them to help her get them back.


  • He was also the ex-boyfriend of Draculaura as seen in her diary.
  • Despite his geeky appearence, Jackson is the girls' attraction having him been crushed on by Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Clair.
  • He is very good friends with Jessy as shown in "MCF: A Musical Nightmare."


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(Debut; episode: Predator Mysteries; Jackson Jekyll only)
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare(return(Jackson); debut(Holt))

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