Jacko is a character from Chalkzone who only appeared in two episodes. He is a singer in Nightzone on Halloween night. He appears as a antagonist/neutral being in the show, but in the MCF series, an antihero, later good guy. He is suave and charismatic by nature. He has a Jack-o-lantern for a head with white eyes, a red hat and suit with a cape and skeleton body. In his human form in the MCF series, he has light tan skin, orange hair, a black open shirt, white fingerless gloves, a red open jacket, boots and pants and hat; He is voiced by Tim Curry. 


Jacko first appeared in the episode "Pumpkin Love" where he is singing on stage. He sees Rudy's creation Jill-O-Lantern and believing she's alive falls in love with it and decides to marry it. Rudy however, rescues Jill and Jacko chases him and Snap into Dayzone on a banshee, before he falls down and hits the ground while Rudy returns Jill to the real world. His Catchphrase is Im Gonna get You Im Gonna Get You Look Out Boy Casue IM GONNA GET YOU!

In the episode, "Disarmed Rudy", he demands that Rudy make a bride to replace Jill. Rudy refuses and Jacko chases him through his skeletal maze. He is then defeated and then in a daze falls in love with a statue with a bowling bal on its head. 

He is set to appear in the MCF story "MCF: The Pumpkin Singer", where he falls in love with MCF member Bella after she goes onstage and sings and takes her to his mansion to be his bride. At first, there's tension between them because Bella has been taught by Tricia about the events that happened when she got her ice powers, but after discovering they have much in common with back stories, Bella and Jacko fall in love...though the other MCF and the LMXB along with Rudy(who had dealt with Jacko before twice) believing Bella in danger set to rescue her. He then becomes mad because of heartbreak and has Rudy, Snap, Aaron and Nosedive go through his maze before they apologize and reveal the truth about his first attempted bride. Jacko then realizes the truth and when he hears of Bella being taken by Emperor Awesome, he makes an alliance with the MCF and the LMXB. Tricia gives him and Snap a temporary waterproof spell for him to do so. In the end, after he saves Bella from Emperor Awesome and Bella gives him a kiss of love, he reforms and after apologizing for everything, he asks for forgiveness, becomes Bella's boyfriend and Cedric offers him a position in the LMXB to which Jacko accepts, then asks Rudy to be his Junior LMXB to which Rudy agrees as a sign of no hard feelings. Afterwards, Cedric gives the reformed pumpkin singer a spell that'll allow him to be human when he steps into the human world along with Snap.  

He appears in "MCF: Gravity Battle" where he reveals he's having struggles getting people to trust him, but is consoled by his new friends and Sunset Shimmer and Westley, who went through the same thing. 


  • MCF: The Pumpkin Singer(Debut)
  • LXMB: The Great Fusilli(Return)
  • JLXMB: Mother Mae Eye(Cameo)
  • MCF: Gravity Battle
  • LXMB: Too Many Aarons


  • Jacko's name comes from his Jack-o-Lantern head.
  • He is the first LMXB member to have a former enemy of his become his student. 
  • His relationship with Bella is simular to Belle and the Beast/Adam.
  • He is the second Nickelodeon character to be voiced by Tim Curry, but the first to be a villain. The second was Professor Calamatous in Jimmy Neutron. 
  • Jacko is the fourth member of a team to reform before joining their respective team. The first was Tricia for the MCF, Trixie Tang for the RMCF and Devlin Levin for the Kid Crusaders. 
  • Both Jacko and King Candy share a love rivalry with each other for Bellas affections, but at most the two only glare at each other and call each others names.
    • Despite this, they only team up in "LXMB: The Great Fusilli" when Jacko's new friends and girlfriend are turned into puppets by Fusilli.
  • At the end of "MCF: The Pumpkin Singer" and certain stories, Jacko and Snap will be the only chalk figures to cross over to the human world to gain human forms and work for their respective teams

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