A alternate version of Bella that is a full human and comes from the same alternate universe as Toonjuice. She is 'Voiced' by Tera Song


physically, Izzy resembles Bellas, except with pure bonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Her usual out fit comprised of a black and white pinstriped colored skirt with white ruffles at the hem, and a red and blue striped t-shirt, and a pumpkin shaped hairclip. Izzy also carrys a special modified black backpack with six small pockets and orange high heeled shoes, and usually weares wired rimmed glasses.


Isabella or Izzy to her close freinds is a prankster and inventer, who lives in a alternate reality where Live humans and cartoons live in harmony. Izzy is a manifestation of Bellas human half, who hopes to use her inventions to help people or her pranks to make people laugh and smile. She has a rivalry with Toonjuice who unlike her who uses pranks to make people smile, Toonjuice goes overborad and tends to hurt and harm people.

Izzy makes her appearance in "MCF and RMCF meets Toonjuice" when she uses her dimention mirror invention to cross into the MCF's world to follow Toonjuice and helps the girls and Rookies stop Toonjuice.


Izzys personaltiy is similar to Jack Skeleton. She is a kind person, though a bit naive in some places, she is a kind hearted person all around, who only wishes to make her Inventions better and her pranks more awsomer. She can get serious, especially when it involves Toonjuice, due to her knowing who he truely is on the inside.

Powers and AbilitysEdit

The Stare/Fear tactic: Like Fluttershy, when Izzy gets mad she can use a stare that is similar to Fluttershy that can make even the toughest of bad guys get weaked kneeds.

Chara bonding: Izzy has the power to bond and connect with abandoned charas, and adopts them as apart of her, which was how she was able to saved those cursed by Toonjuice who have been turned into charas and made them her own in a way.



MCF and RMCF Meets Toonjuice (Debt)

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