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Insurgent General are a team ragtime aliens who Sylvia is a big fan of and is temporarily recruited in since the episode "The Big Job." They are a rebel team of commando aliens who are also in the goal of defeating Hater...and a little of making it the major issues. The leader General Outrage is a muscular man wearing a black tanktop and military stuff including pants, vest, dogchain, hat, vest and fingerless gloves. Brainz is a heart llike alien with glasses, a labcoat and black gloves four his four arms. Wildcard is a crazed alien with a sweater, crazy swirl eyes and a . Clipper is a muscular cat like alien with a white tanktop, black fingerless gloves, cowbowy boots and pants. They are voiced by Steven Blum(General Outrage), Jeff Bennett(Brainz), Dwight Shultz(Wildtype), and Kevin Michael Richardson(Clipper).

Bio Edit

The team makes their appearance describing each of them and they just recruited Sylvia to be a part of the team. however, Sylvia couldn't bear to part with Wander. So Outrage promotes Wander to guard the door and make sure no one gets in. While Wander does this...and unintentionally getting every single person in and out for different reasons, the team try to destroy Hater's new weapon the HT125F. Outrage warns Sylvia that if Wander screws up, she's fired from the team earlier and Sylvia has to distract the from finding out about. After they get the machne, they find out they need two keys to deactivate it. After finding out about Wander's screwup, Outrage fires Sylvia. Wander defends her by saying it was his fault, not hers. He mops and finds the scientist WatchDog's keys, which happens to be the second key. The team including Wander and Sylvia deactivate the machine and get out(with Wander taking the scientist WatchDog with them) before it explodes. Outrage is proud the plan had worked, but Wander and Sylvia realize that the machine they destroyed was his hottub which Hater liked at 145 degrees. They do their pose and condition Sylvia to join in, but she quits the team saying that she's already on a team...with Wander.

They are set to appear in "MCF: The Big Job" where their role is the same. However, they recruit the MCF to ally with them because they(Insurgent General) are big fans of the MCF and their adventures, much to the girls' astonishment. when they recruit Sylvia to join their team, Sylvia refuses saying she'd rather solve mysteries with Wander and the MCF instead as she's already on a team. Before they head to Earth, Tricia gives them all the copies of the MCF books.

They later appear in Gravity Battle for a concert, but end up hypnotized by the Dazzlings and are part of the Battle of the Bands competition.

Appearances Edit

  • MCF: The Big Job(Debut)
  • MCF: Gravity Falls(Return)

Trivia Edit

  • They are a pun on the A-Team specifially Clipper as Mr. T.
  • In the MCF version of the episode they debuted in, Insurgent General shows to be a big fan of the MCF the same way Sylvia is a big fan of them, even to the point of them collecting the books Chuck has been writing about them, much to the girls' anger.
    • In fact, each of the girls' adventures became their favorites. These are callbacks from the earlier seasons.
      • General Outrage-MCF: Changing Channels(Season 4)
      • Brainz-MCF and the Forgotten Sister(Season 3)
      • Wildcard-MCF: The Sorcerer, the Watchdog and the MCF(Season 4)
      • Clipper-MCF and the Looking Glass(Season 4)
  • Outrage is at first distrustworthy of Tricia, but remembered reading "MCF and the Ice Queen" realize that Tricia is useful to help especially with her ice powers.
  • In "MCF: Gravity Battle", it is revealed that Wildcard is obsessed with cookies.

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