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Inspector Jacques Clouseau is the adoptive father of Raina and Garu who first appears in "The Pink Panther(2006)" He is played by Steve Martin.


Clouseau is a man in his mid-forties with snow white hair, a tiny mustache and a tan trench coat.


Inspector Jacques Clouseau is a bumbling idiot, but he can be genius idiot. In "The Pink Panther(2006)", he and his sidekick Ponton investigate on the murder of Yves Gluante, a soccer coach who died when a poison dart was on his neck and the famous Pink Panther diamond disappeared. As he was investigated, he and his sidekick Ponton investigated on the suspects Bijeu and Yves Gluante's girlfriend, popstar singer Xania. As he tried to get something out of his pocket, he was disgraced of his uniform and off the case. However, he snuck into the party Chief Inspector Dreyfus was holding and Xania was performing with the help of Ponton and the secratary/future wife Nicole. He reveals Yve's killer to be Yuri, a trainer from the soccor games and a jealous one for Xania's affectons.He also finds out that the Pink Panther is kept in Xania's purse(deep in it, to be exact). Xania reveals that it was an engagement/apology gift from Yves and she was worried about people accusing her. Clouseau lets her keep the Pink Panther. However, on his first day as Chief Inspector, he accidentally hurts Dreyfus sending him to the hospital...with hilarious results.

In the sequel, he and five other detectives are assigned to stop the evil Tornado from stealing the Pink Panther. In the process, one of the detectives Vicenzo Brancaleone, flirts with Nicole, making Clouseau jealous. Throughout the movie, he wins Nicole's heart, but also solves out the case: It was Sonia Solandres, the Tornado's ex-girlfriend and another fellow detective who is set to steal tge Pink Panther after the original Tornado reformed, but died. She tried to kill Nicole and Clouseau, but luckily Clouseau stops her and pulls out the real Pink Panther(the one she stole was a fake). Jacques marries Nicole, but when Dreyfus unleashes the elite unite operatives that happened earlier in the film, again, he assigns fellow detective Kenji to renew his subscription. Jaques and Nicole leave off on their honeymoon with Nicole tossing the bouquet to fellow detective, Randall Pepperidge.

In the stories, he and Nicole live in a fancy mansion(don't ask) and he had adopted Raina while he was working on a case of his own. He and Nicole happily raised Raina, though later on, he, Nicole and Raina have taken Garu in as a son/little brother(this will be revealed in "MCF: Thunder in the Jungle"). Though clumsy still, he can be supportive of anything his daughter and son do.


  • It is unknown how Raina can speak Spanish and yet Clouseau and Nicole are French. It may be an unknown possibity.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(debut)
  • Journey Through the Jungle
  • A Very MCF Christmas
  • MCF: Thunder in the Jungle

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