Hunter Huntsman

Hunter Huntsman the son of the Huntsman from either Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood, is a student of Ever After High. He is the secret boyfriend of Ashlynn Ella. He is boastful, but he has a generous and kind heart. He has half a shaven head on the other side of his brown colored hair, brown eyes, a forest green shirt, a green jacket, brown boots and vest and white pants. He is voiced by Grant George.


Hunter is usually a kind man, but he's boastful about being a huntsman like his dad. Despite this, he is a Rebel. He has Ashlynn Ella as a girlfriend, though they have to date in secret because of Storybrooke's law. He usually has antics with a squirrel named Pesky who annoys him and causes him to chase him every now and then sometimes.

Hunter first appears in the "MCF: Familes Reunited at Last" episode "The Musical Mystery" where he and the other students are under a music spell by the villain. The MCF along with Raven get the spell off of him and the others by defeating the villain.

He, Raven, Madelline and Cedar join in the quest in "The Search for Starz" as a ragtime member of the team ready to rescue Starz.


  • It is unknown how Ashlynn and Hunter met. This is yet to be revealed.
  • Hunter's chasing with Pesky is simular to the old cartoons such as Tom and Jerry or Coyote and Roadrunner.
  • His nickname for Ashlynn is Pumpkin.
  • His romance with Ashlynn is simular to Romeo and Juliet.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(debut: Episode: The Musical Mystery; The Search for Starz)
  • MCF and the Ever After High(upcoming)

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