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Howl with blond hair


Howl Jenkins is the long-lost biological father of Daisy Sarutobi. He first appears in "Hayou Miasaki's Howl's Moving Castle." but his first MCF appearence is "MCF: Families Reunited At Last."  He is 'voiced' by Christian Bale.


Before his current form, Howl had his hair blonde and he wore a white shirt with a red/yellow/purple cape and black pants and boots. After the hair dye incident faded away, Howl's hair became black and he doesn't wear his cape anymore.


Howl was a traveling wizard who rescues his future wife, Sophie from soldiers. He send Sophie on a flight she'll never forget. Once Sophie was cursed by the Wicked Witch of the Waste to have the body of a 90 year old woman, Howl let her into his moving castle as his chambermaid. Sophie, by accident swapped some potions in Howl's bathroom transforming the wizard's hair from blonde to red, then finally black. It is also revealed that Howl transformed into a demon bird like creature to prevent a war going on in Sophie's hometown and Sophie(who was starting to fall in love with him and gain her youth again) had to help him find his heart that Calicifer had before. Sophie retrieves Calicifer's heart and returns it to Howl as he transforms back to normal. Sophie and Howl admit their love for one another and it breaks Sophie's curse(with the exception of her hair remainign silver). Sophie and Howl marry and they along with Calicifer, Howl's assistant Markl and a reformed Wicked Witch of the Waste set off for a new adventure.

Though it wasn't in "Mystery Case Files the Fanfiction" as Daisy appeared later on, in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last", he and Sophie revealed themselves as Daisy's biological parents.

In "The Dark Past of Howlsville," Though spending time with their daughter, Howl is distrustful about her being a ninja and dating Sasuke at first, but after Daisy saved him and Sophie's lives, he accepted her for who she is and accepted Sasuke as her boyfriend.

He and Sophie get a major appearence in "Daisy and the Stone Queen" where they help Daisy solve the case of stopping the Stone Queen from turning everyone into stone.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut)
  • MCF: The Dark Past of Howlville
  • MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen
  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting (Coming soon)

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