Holly O'Hair card

Holly O'Hair is one of the characters of "Ever After High" and the twin sister of Poppy O'Hair, daughter of Rapunzel. She is a Royal because she's older by a hair, hence the Rapunzel story. She is supportive when her sister decides to take both sides and be a Roybel(Royal and Rebel).She has long orange hair, a pink jacket and lavender dress and boots.


Not much is know so much about Holly at this point, but we do know that she is a Royal. She tries to help her sister Poppy choose between her 

She is set to debut in "MCF and the Ever After High", but we don't know her point  in the story yet.

In "MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF", she is the first girl to flirt with Westley who turned into a human thanks to a deal with Mafiafas to impress Emmy, whom he has a crush on, along with Chrissy Damon, Dominque and Caitlain(The girls who taunted Westley earlier). 


  • She is the first Ever After High student to be in Los Angeles during the time. It could be possible she was on vacation during the story events.
  • In "O'Hair's Split Ends", we learn she's actually the younger twin while Poppy is the oldest.


  • MCF and the Ever After(Debut)
  • MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF(cameo)

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