Hermey the Misfit Elf is a character from the special Ruldolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He is an elf, more likely a human who rather would be a dentist than an elf. He has blonde hair an he wears a blue elf suit and hat. He is voiced by Paul Soles


Hermey first appears trying to finish building a toy, but he reveals to the Foreman that he doesn't like to make toys. He tells him that he would rather be a dentist. The Foreman refuses to let him have his dream and get back to work. He doesn't show up for Elf Practice for he was fixing dolls teeth. He decides to run away. This is where he meets Ruldolph. TOgether they decide to be independent and go off on their own. They meet up with Yukon Cornelius who is searching for Silver and Gold. The trio then dodge the Abominable Snow Monster and land on 'The Island of Misfit Toys." When Ruldolph decides to go back for his friends, Hermey and Yukon go off to find him until they hear that he's gone to rescue Clarice and his parents from the Abominable Snow Monster. Hermey uses his dentist skills to pull the monster's teeth out before he and the others head back to Christmas Town where the Foreman finally allows him to be a dentist.

He debuts in "RMCF: The Christmas Rescue", where he tells the RMCF about the problem that Christmas Town is having since Kubla Kraus entered. He assists in the dentistry department in the story as well. 


  • It could be possible that he is a human because of his disinterest in elf stuff. 


  • RMCF: The Christmas Rescue(Debut) 

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